Xiaomi vs Aqara door/window sensors

My original xiaomi sensor is showing 91% and the Aqara is showing 0%. Both are functioning great!

hi i dont know where i went wrong but my device doesnt seem to change status from open and closed

Hi so this does happen to time to time, seems like their status got stuck.
I believe there was an incident yesterday regarding ST.
You can try again later or delete it and re pair it

ive tried removing and re adding still the same not showing any status change wonder if ive missed something when connecting it

I have not seen this thread until now so I am not sure if you have created new device handlers for the Aqara. I have the Temp and Window/Door sensor. I have been modifying the Original Xiaomi DH to get the Aqara support.

If you do not have a different DH please try mine and let me know if it works.


@ArstenA i have tried your device handler it is showing on my smartthings but doesnt seem to change from open status.

That seems strange. The original device handler should have given open/close status but had issues reporting battery status.

The new aqara DH should fix the battery reporting.

Are you getting the battery reported now?

Try a bigger magnet to trigger the open/close?

I just recently started using your DH and my Aqara sensor is now showing 100% battery. Idk if that’s correct or not, since my other sensor is showing 90%, but at least my ST app isn’t complaining about it anymore!

Yeah I am not sure if I am looking at the correct bytes or not. We will see once more sensors are deployed!

I updated my DH for the Aqara door sensors.
Now the battery shows 100%. will wait to see if it ever drops from 100%
Thanks again.

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I added 6 aqara sensors last night all dropped off within a few hours, purchased these as I saw that people were having less drop outs compared to the original and it being added as a thing, I have 10+ of the originals and just wanted a easier time adding

Has anyone mastered the pairing process? I found a great video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sciUre0HVl0 that shows how to add the DH and then the pairing process… the problem on mine is no matter how many times I tap the buttons to pair, it’s never showing up as a ‘thing’ on my SmartThings app. This is for the new Aqara door sensors, Aqara button, and the motion sensor. All of them same thing… paperclip or button pressing multiple times, holding it down, etc… not sure how to put into Pairing mode so that SmartThings hub will see it. :confused:

make sure you are using the bspranger handlers and not the a4refillpad

oooh, okay I’ll give that a try then. I was using the a4refillpad - do you think that will help with the pairing, or just general statement that the Device Handler for bspranger is better?

Mine is just progressed a little more.

And I believe yours has the correct fingerprints for Aqara?

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I only have the temp/humid aqara sensors and have no problem having it show up as a “thing”. Not sure the reset procedure is the same but for me. Hold down the button until the light blinks 3 times. Turn on ST discovery and press the button on the sensor a couple of times.

Just went through pairing 18 of these and they were all working beautifully using @ArstenA device handler… But like clockwork after each sensor is online for about 2 hours they stop communicating and go unavailable. Battery state shows 100% for all. One thing I noticed is my hub has insecure rejoin disabled and I am unable to toggle it on. Not sure if this is a bug or if Samsung is forcing it that way for security.

I have tried power cycling the sensors while in learn mode, resetting my hub (removing the location) to no luck… Anyone run into this? Am I being punished for being a cheap bastard? :slightly_smiling_face:

I am on Android and have no issue toggling insecure on or off. Maybe try it in IDE.

I don’t even have the option for managing Zigbee in the ide. Are you using a v1 or v2 hub ?