XIAOMI MI Home gateway smartapp connection?

Hello all,

I am sur i have seen a smartapp to connect smartthings with the xiaomi mi home gateway.
I want to my xiaomi device were connected to the xiaomi gateway, and the xiaomi gateway connected to my smartthings hub.
I don’t want the xiaomi directly connected to my ST hub

I have search everywhere but can’t found,

If someone can help me

Thanks in advance

There’s nothing that connects them directly. There are some community members using a raspberry pi or other device as a “man in the middle” server and getting connection to the Xiaomi cloud that way, but it’s a lot of work to set up.

Hello and thank you for your answer.

However, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before.

From memory it was version 2.01 or 2.1

It’s frustrating to not find it
Unless my memory betrays me :thinking:

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OK, i have found
So i am not totaly crazy


Have you tried it yet?

I just order a gatway.
I will test ans post the result

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Xiaomi MiHome and MiHome Energenie are two completely different things.
They share only the name.

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What’s the différents?
What i understand is i can contrôle my Xiaomi device via the gateway and it is juste what i want.

Thank you! :sunglasses: I got confused, too.

Xiaomi is one of the largest consumer electronics products companies in China.

Energenie is a division of a UK company, Sandal PLC.


So two different companies, two different countries, with two different product lines that happened to share a partial name.

The Energenie MiHome gateway

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Gateway


Each gateway only works with its own devices, not with the devices for the other Gateway.

The Xiaomi Devices are designed to work with the Xiaomi Gateway.

But any integrations built for use with the energenie MiHome cloud will not work with the Xiaomi gateway or the Xiaomi Devices.

My Bad :tired_face:
Do you know if someone plan du creat à smartapp tout connect to Xiaomi api and use Xiaomi with the gateway?