Xiaomi Gateway vs ST v2?

Good morning all,

I currently have a Xiaomi gateway with the following child objects:
x2 Yeelights
x2 Xiaomi ZigBee Door/Window Sensors
x3 Xiaomi wireless switch
x1 Xiaomi ZigBee human sensor
x1 Xiaomi water leak detector

Connected via the Xiaomi Mi app … i think it works fairly well apart from the odd menu in Chinese!

I have noticed that these ZigBee devices can be connected to ST, can some one please explain the advantages of using ST over the Xiaomi gateway?

Many thanks.

I think it depends on your needs and integration requirements, if you have Xiaomi cameras/light switches, then probably you want to stick with Xiaomi ecosystem, on the other hand if you want to use many different brands of ZigBee and zwave devices with complex automation rules using webcore then you will want a ST hub, I do have both, Xiaomi don’t have a good rule engine and can only works with Xiaomi devices it depends on your situation

It sounds like there is much more user personalization with STs.

What is the user interface like?

if you don’t mind me asking, what kind of set up do you have? Just so i can get an idea of what can be done.

The ST GUI is more smart home security focused and I think you may be able to get an idea here

And I forgot to say the Alexa and Google home integration using voice to control your smart devices like hue bulbs are the advantages as well

I am using a number of windows/door sensors, motion sensors, aeotec siren and iris keypad to monitor my home and hue bulbs to control the lighting together with Amazon echo devices
I also have zwave water sensors and Xiaomi smoke sensor for extra level of security

Samsung just renamed the android app to smartthings classic you can have a look at playstore or appstore, there are quite number of screenshots there

Xiaomi don’t have a good rule engine

Domoticz has very good integration with the Xiaomi Gateway and this opens up unmilited possibilities including integration with Smartthings. Of course, this does mean you need to be running a server 24/7 but there are easy to deploy Raspberry builds available.

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Many thanks.

One thing that i dislike about Xiaomi gateway is that there is no way to delay the alarm feature.
I can set alarm to trigger movement from sensors etc… however when returning home and opening front door the alarm siren activates - there is no way to allow for a 15 second delay to turn off activation. (so i have to disable from my phone instead).

Looking at the child items i have listed on my original post - i assume they are all compatible with ST?
I also have Hive heating - can this be added to the ST app? (a feature i know which is not possible with the xiaomi gateway).

I actually running home assistant on raspberry pi but I don’t use the Xiaomi gateway at home so I have no idea about integration with other home automation platforms, I think it depends if you want to stick with Xiaomi or ST or going to the open source route

ST by default cannot delay the alarm as well but you can use geo location from the phone app to run a routine to turn off the alarm when you are near home or you can use a user written smartapp for such delay, I definitely understand your pain for such aspect for Xiaomi

For supported Xiaomi devices by device handlers by the community take a look at

Yeelight are not supported at all, there were some code written in node.js to function as a bridge between ST and yeelight but it is less than ideal

I am not exactly certain if the Xiaomi water sensor instead of the aqara one is supported

Anyone know if there is a possibility to connect the Mijia hub to ST? would be nice to utilize the speaker in it :slight_smile: