Xiaomi Gateway intergration using LAN mode

has anyone looked at this. similar to using a Hue hub locally or similar.


This seems to state that you can use the LAN to get data from it and control it. this might be a reliable way to use there kit that is so well priced???


Yes and there is already a “man in the middle” solution for SmartThings that makes use of the Xiaomi Gateway LAN (developer) mode:

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I swear I searched!!!

How responsive is this compared to directly added.

Especially as it’s now connected via supported hw on the gateway.

I also assume it’s less hassle as they never disconnect!

I believe the Mi Connector doesn’t even require a SmartThings Hub, just to be deployed on the same network as your LAN connected Xiaomi devices. Ie.: Run it on a Pi. The containeraised setup makes the install really easy.