Newbie question regarding ST and Xiaomi


I would probably get the ST 3 pretty soon and I’m wondering which other device would I need to control my current and future devices.

Currently I have the Xiaomi yeelight ceiling light and few spots are on the way which currently are controlled via Mi Home app and also the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camcorder 1080P WiFi Pan Tilt Camera.
In addition I got the RM PRO which controllers my AC

and I would get the Fibaro FGR-223 Roller Shutter 3 for my electrical shutter.

I’m wondering if I would need the Xiaomi Mijia Aqara Hub in order control my Xiaomi devices or not? and in addition what would I need in order to control my RM PRO?

Hope you guys would be able to help me.

any idea? please I’m so confused with all the posts here…

There is no native support for mihome, there is a custom handler however I believe it needs a man in the middle(raspberrypi) to communicate.

Search for xiaomi nvm here ya go:

Hi there,

I currently have a setup similar to you with ST Gen2 (UK) a Fibaro Roller Shutter 2, some Xiaomi Wifi Devices (and in addition Philips Hue).


  • Xiaomi: if you just have Wifi or Bluetooth devices you need the Mi Connector to run on a ‘middleware’ device, such as a nas, server, raspberry pi or similar. On this device you can then add a bluetooth dongle to add also that Xiaomi Plant Sensor or so.
    For that go here and you will find everything including installation

  • other Xiaomi Aqara stuff: if it’s a zigbee or zwave device with supported frequency (depends on the region), then you will find device handlers above and you can connect them directly. I currently have open/close sensors, motion sensor and water leak sensors running with 0 problems

  • Fibaro Roller Shutter: Since a few years a lot of Fiabaro stuff is officially supported from this gitbug page here (here you find device handlers with custom icons and all functions)
    I then moved over to an unofficial device handler, because once connected to google home it shows up as un unknown device which cannot be controlled by voice (only via routines)
    With this one it shows up as a light in google home, so you can ‘turn it on’ (open), ‘turn it off’ (close) and also set level (100 is all up, 0 is completly down)

  • to make advanced automations i highly recommend to install webcode, which gives you programming routines by clicking trough it, else, then statements

  • philips hue: all philips lights are supported, but if you want to place their buttons, then you will need their hub to control it. probably it’s better to get generic xiaomi buttons and do everthing in one place

  • Web interface: to control all the things you can use the app, but for some situation that’s too much or not handy enough. I personally use ActionTiles, which has a Lifetime license per hub for just 20-30€ and lets you make unlimited custom pages with customazible icons, colors with no programming at all

Hope this helps you out to get started

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Thanks, so basically it will be wise to get the Xiaomi hub as the middle man?
I don’t mind getting it since it can be used as a speaker and a night bulb.

I just got additional Xiaomi lights which are the Xiaomi spotlight Zhirui which came with a Philips logo on the box. They are currently been controlled by the Mi Home app (region China).

I would like to be able to group all of my living room light and to create a scene which will dim all of the lights together as a group, this cannot be done currently with the Mi Home app. I can create a group for the Zhirui (3 spotlights) and a group for my Yeelight ceiling lamp.

Will I be able to group them all with the Smartthings?
Will I need an hub for it?