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Xiaomi door sensor battery status

(Big Buddha) #1

Got a pair of new xiaomi door sensors. Perfect small size, perfect build qualit.
Added a4refillpad device handlers, perfect pairing. Working very well. But i don’t get a battery reading… It stays at “–”.

Any ideas?


Use these handlers.

(Big Buddha) #3

Tahnks for that link to the latest device handler. Still no battery readings. strange.

(Alec McLure) #4

Note - it usually takes a while to get your first battery reading - everywhere from 1 to 3 hours…

(Big Buddha) #5

got it. I get readings now. But nog accurate. -386%?? :wink:
Can i switch of the notifications of battery reading?

(Alec McLure) #6

Have you updated to most recent Device Handlers from the bspranger repository? There’s now a setting where you indicate a max and a minimum voltage. Also - look in “recently” for the sensor and see what it’s giving you for raw voltage reading.

(John Roberts) #7

Same thing here… I have tried all drivers available on the bspranger link (including the battery tweak) and get the same results with each. The motion sensor works great but the battery is always reporting 100%.