Xiaomi door sensor battery status

(Big Buddha) #1

Got a pair of new xiaomi door sensors. Perfect small size, perfect build qualit.
Added a4refillpad device handlers, perfect pairing. Working very well. But i don’t get a battery reading… It stays at “–”.

Any ideas?


Use these handlers.

(Big Buddha) #3

Tahnks for that link to the latest device handler. Still no battery readings. strange.

(Alec McLure) #4

Note - it usually takes a while to get your first battery reading - everywhere from 1 to 3 hours…

(Big Buddha) #5

got it. I get readings now. But nog accurate. -386%?? :wink:
Can i switch of the notifications of battery reading?

(Alec McLure) #6

Have you updated to most recent Device Handlers from the bspranger repository? There’s now a setting where you indicate a max and a minimum voltage. Also - look in “recently” for the sensor and see what it’s giving you for raw voltage reading.