Xiaomi/Aqara Water sensor

My are sadly failing as well, they are located inside the house, one under the washer and one under HW tank. The both stopped reporting after couple weeks. (never got wet only in testing) I was able to repair them with the hub again but one of them will no longer report Wet status. Disappointing :frowning:

Have you tried a fresh replacement battery? That fixed the issues I had with mine that stopped reporting and wouldn’t pair back.

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You are right, that did it ! :slight_smile:I thought if it was able to re pair with the hub there should be plenty of battery power, apparently !


I think the battery that came with my Aqara water sensor was sub par from the get go. I’m not sure if the battery was old, defective, or just cheap. It was only enough to work correctly for a week or two. My other Aqara sensors are still running fine with their original batteries. But they don’t use the same battery size as the water sensor.

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Lets hope so, I got other Xiaomi/Aqara sensors running 24 months just fine

Sadly stopped working again so I think it’s dud after all. Last report was battery 100%

The battery% was a complete guess by us. It reports voltage, we guessed at what the % is.
I have heard that the battery doesn’t last as long with the leak sensor.

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You gave me another push to not to give up! :slight_smile: Thanks!
Looks like the problem is the cold concrete floor in that one location. I left the sensor on the table and it recovered. Will try not to set it direct on the floor to prevent cold transfer.that possibly kills the battery. I hope paper towel will improve that, and at the same time transfer any water quickly to those 2 contacts on the sensor.

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Nice! I put all of my water sensors on a folded paper towel since I have uneven saltillo tile floors, and want to make sure the water doesn’t flow around the sensor without it triggering. I’ve tested it out, and the water wicks through the paper towel and triggers it very easily.


I know this an older thread. I just repaired my Aquara sensors using the beta device handler. They all work, but all report 0% battery.

Seems to be working now,

Hi guys,

Can you please confirm if this device handler is still working?


just bought the Aqara Water Leak Sensor on amazon and got it working


Can you specify what device handler did you use?


Which one did you buy? Model nr or picture?

this one, no battery or temperature though

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no device handler, just paired using instructions on top of thread… going to try and get the battery working at some point

the custom device handler by maverick still works! i can see battery now! great deal for $17