Xiaomi Aqara light switches - no neutral required?

Work perfectly, and as a repeater for neutral version. Need a deep box. I have v3 hub and had to use classic app

Can these switches be used on a two way setup
Thank you in advance for any help you can give

I couldn’t be bothered fitting a deeper box, used a light switch surround which sits in between the switch and the wall thus giving those few extra mm without having to fit a new back box and all the mess that entails!

As this is a UK thread I thought it might worth mentioning that Aqara have finally released a hub with a UK plug!

See - https://homekitnews.com/2019/08/10/aqara-officially-announce-uk-homekit-hub/

Does anyone have any recommendations for UK resellers? I have no interest in messing about with Alibaba.

Has a UK part number, probably worth asking the seller.

Found on eBay by searching and specifying that the item is located in the UK.

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