Xiaomi Aqara light switches - no neutral required?

Work perfectly, and as a repeater for neutral version. Need a deep box. I have v3 hub and had to use classic app

Can these switches be used on a two way setup
Thank you in advance for any help you can give

I couldn’t be bothered fitting a deeper box, used a light switch surround which sits in between the switch and the wall thus giving those few extra mm without having to fit a new back box and all the mess that entails!

As this is a UK thread I thought it might worth mentioning that Aqara have finally released a hub with a UK plug!

See - https://homekitnews.com/2019/08/10/aqara-officially-announce-uk-homekit-hub/

Does anyone have any recommendations for UK resellers? I have no interest in messing about with Alibaba.

Has a UK part number, probably worth asking the seller.

Found on eBay by searching and specifying that the item is located in the UK.

Video’s on youtube show that the LED lights blink after every few seconds… that sounds logical based on how the switch would continue to consume low power and to close the circuit would have to send that through the connected LED lights…

does anyone experience that?

I am struggling to find a solution to not having to replace my 10 gu10 ceiling lights with smart lights… that would probably not last as long as a reliable switch with decent non-smart gu10’s

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