Xiaomi aqara button only registers "Released" instead of "Pushed"

Hi guys

This is a strange problem I have encountered with a couple of my aqara buttons. When I press the buttons, it just shows “released”. This doesn’t take the automation action I have assigned to it. The action only occurs when “Pushed” is detected. There is no automation option to select “Released” in lighting automation or any button automation. The"Pushed" only registers if I do it from the app.

Has anyone seen this problem? Have they been able to rectify it?

I have removed the button and re-added it by catchall method. Still no joy. Other buttons work fine and show “Pushed” when pressed.

I threw away another button that did the same but I refuse to believe there isn’t a fix here.

Is the device handler up to date?

Which model?

Which DTH (device handler) and version?

I will need more information to be able to help.


SmartThings does not support button “released” events, only “pushed” and “held”.

The drivers I have helped to improve only show “released” in the SmartThings classic mobile app as visual feedback to users. It does not relate to automations. You can only use “pushed” or “held”, except if you’re using WebCoRE.

It is a shame that you threw out the other button because there is probably nothing wrong with it.

Thanks for your reply. I use bspranger xiamo handlers.

I checked to see if there are any updates by clicking on “update from repo” but nothing showed up.

Can you recommend a better DTH?

There was a bug fixed in the firmware in release 25.26 that affected some xiaomi devices (as they were dependent on the bug). At least one set of community DTHs have been updated and you can see the changes here.

If you are not on 25.26 or updating the DTH does not fix it, let me know.


Can you share which Aqara Button model you are using? The model is printed on the back. There are two models, lumi.sensor_switch.aq2 and WXKG12LM :

If you are using model WXKG11LM, then there are two revisions. You can find the revision model by doing this:

  1. Log into your hub’s SmartThings Groovy IDE
  2. Click on the My Devices tab:
  3. Click on the name of your button in the Display Name column, for example:
  4. In the device details page for your button, look for the Data section and find the text next to "Model: ", for example:

If the text is lumi.sensor_switch.aq2, you have the original revision of model WXKG11LM.

If the text is lumi.remote.b1acn01, you have the new revision of model WXKG11LM.

Please let me know which model you are using.

However, for BOTH models of the Aqara Button, if you are using a SmartThings v2 or v3 hub you should use the bspranger device handler (DTH) version 1.4.2b. As mentioned by @Zach_Varberg, there is more information about my update to the DTH here.

The display of “pushed” or “released”, etc. in the SmartThings classic mobile app is just for visual feedback. You should check the recent events in the “Recently” tab in the mobile app, like this:

The message “Was Single-Clicked (Button 1 Pushed)” confirms that the physical button push resulted in a SmartThings event which can be used with SmartApps for automations.

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I can confirm that just updating the DTH fixed the problem. I wasted a good button just because it was not working as expected.

Thank you @veeceeoh and @Zach_Varberg for all your help and guidance. You make this community great!


Hello All!

Sorry to be reviving this very old topic :stuck_out_tongue: however I hope I will be able to get some help from you guys on this…

I am encountering the same issue alitech used to have some time back.

I am using a Xiaomi Aqara Button WXKG11LM (new version) for turning on/off some smart lights in my bedroom. The problem is that the ‘single-press’ command is actually triggered when I release the button.

What is frustrating is that obviously there is a ‘release’ action after holding the button as well…

‘Single-press’ turns on/off the LED Light strip behind my bed, ‘Hold’ turns on/off the ceiling lamp. Thus, when I hold the button the ceiling lamp will turn on, but the LED will turn on as well upon releasing the button (after being held to turn on the ceiling lamp).

I am using the latest DTH from the post shared by @veeceeoh above (v 1.4.3) and a V2 hub (UK) last updated 10 days ago (firmware version 000.037.00004).

Do note I also have an Original Xiaomi Button WXKG01LM, which doesn’t have the same problem.

Any clues on how I can get this fixed?

Thank you!

Are you using the button in an Automation?

The handler dates from the time when the button attribute only had pushed and held values and things like double clicks were fudged using a buttonNumber in the event data. So a double-click might be seen as pushed on button number 2. Smart Lighting and webCoRE bought into this fudge but the new app expects things to be done properly.

I did tweak the ‘bspranger’ handler to support the new app and Automations. I’ve only ever used it with the previous version of the button (which had one to four presses) but in theory it should support yours. In the absence of press hold and press release values, I borrowed held and double, to go along with pushed and pushed_2x.

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Thank you @orangebucket, much appreciated!
I will give it a shot and will let you know how this goes!

@orangebucket Fantastic! works like a charm! Thank you Graham, much appreciated!

I wonder if you figured out the Original (non-Aqara) Xiaomi Button (WXKG01LM) as well??

I am using it with the DTH shared by veeceeoh here but it does not capture the 2xPressed nor the double-pressed commands. (only Pressed and Held seem to be captured in Smartthings)… Any clue?

Thank you once more!