Xfinity / Comcast Visonic New MCT - 350 Sensors are Fantastic

I recently saw a new Visonic sensor MCT - 350 when a buddy had his Xfinity alarm system installed. I googled them and found some for sale on eBay and went ahead and ordered one to test with ST. I found a Visonic DTH on github and installed it and when I activated the sensor it showed right up in ST and has worked flawlessly ever since.
Visonic (Tyco is the parent company) claims that these new sensors will last 5 years on the CR2450 Panasonic battery which would be great but I’m not holding my breath (even if it’s 2-3 years it would be great).
The seller has them on sale for 1/$19.99 or 6/$100 so I ordered 12 more and each one of them has worked perfectly since installing them.
Lastly, they are designed to bridge even wider gaps when a standard Visonic sensor won’t cut it.
Search eBay for Visonic / Tyco Magnetic Door Window Sensors XHS2- TY Xfinity Wireless Zigbee and the sellers listing should come right up

Edit - here is the link for them but it seems the seller has ended the sale (maybe contact the seller if purchasing multiple and ask if they would honor the previous sale price?) Visonic / Tyco Magnetic Door Window Sensors XHS2- TY Xfinity Wireless Zigbee New

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The seller dropped the price on the Visonic MCT-350 Window Door sensors and another seller has them at 5/$100! I’m loving these sensors better then my originals and they have a 5 year long battery life!

Here’s both links


It’s been quite a few years since this post - can I ask how the battery life is on these sensors?

I bought two 10-packs of these on eBay and I agree, they are excellent! Easily paired to a v3 hub and then switched to a local SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor handler. I’ve only had them for about 6 months but all batteries, even the ones on the doors that get opened/closed 20+ times a day, still report 100%.

The temperature reporting is a huge plus too. I use it to trigger ceiling fans in their respective rooms and the AC as well. Also put a pair on a refrigerator in the garage to let me know when the kids don’t close or slam the door. That alone has saved my perishables twice since installation.

Here’s the ones I bought. At $5 a sensor you cant beat the price.


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