Xfinity 2nd generation keypad help


(Adrian Burhui) #1

Hello smart guys from the SmartThings plannet!

Can anyone help us writing a good device handler for the latest generation of Xfinity Home keypad (see pics attached)? I did all my research and could only find handlers and smartapps for the old version centralite/iris models by @RudiP & @mitchp
I was able after a few attempts to pair it with smartthings using the DTH from miriad/Centralite-Keypad. I got it to work to show the motion and beeping, but nothing else.

I really love the aesthetics of this particular model compared with the Iris/Centralite and they sell pretty cheap on EBay. I bought mine for $16.05 used, but it looks like brand new!

I know there are many of us looking for a nice keypad that can be easily integrated with ST and use with Konnected by @heythisisnate so please help us. I am willing to make donations for the effort!!


@adrian.burhui Check this out

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Now supporting Xfinity XHK1 and UEI keypads