Wyze sense directly connected to SmartThings; possible?

Is it possible to connect the Wyze Sense Bridge directly into the SmartThings hub and then use it like some people on open source Home Assistant are doing? Any idea on how hard it would be to do this?


No, this is not possible. The USB ports on the various ST Hubs have never been enabled for any purpose that I am aware of. There is definitely not an API available to community developers that I know of.

With a Raspberry Pi and @kellykoehn128’s (from Hubitat Community) hard work I have Wyze sensors working with Hubitat. I guess the Hubitat driver and app could be ported to ST. It’s a recent creation and there were issues at 1at but it’s running like a champ now and working fast. I bet it would even run on a Pi Zero but @kellykoehn128 could confirm. I assume that ST can use Telnet like Hubitat can but I don’t know. I know this isn’t technically direct so @ogiewon is correct but it might as well be direct.

AFAIK, SmartThings does not support Telnet within custom device handlers.

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Point for Hubitat then. :grin: :grin: :grin:

Sorry to hear that. I really need to quit making assumptions about Smart things. This is second time I assumed incorrectly about a SmartThings capability.

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Wyze and SmartThings working together has been highly sought in both forums. I don’t know why this hasn’t been worked on with both companies. I would really like to keep activities as local as possible and this seems like an obvious way to do it. I would also prefer not involving other hardware (e.g. rPi) to communicate with.

I hope we can get some input from the SmartThings employees.

I’d bet dollars to doughnuts if they ever integrate it will be a cloud-to-cloud integration.


No, it can’t. Or rather it doesn’t allow customers to.

That’s the whole reason that Hubitat can use Lutron picos through its official integration and smartthings can’t. Plus a whole bunch of other integrations that require direct connections to the hub.

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Unlikely. They only comment on officially released integrations and only after they are released.

And at this point, with the new platform, integrations are the responsibility of the device manufacturer. Smartthings has published its API, everything else is up to the other company. But as @prjct92eh2 mentioned, that API only allows for cloud to cloud integrations, they still haven’t opened up direct hub access.

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