Are pilot labs / pilotlines / Ihomeware Zigbee products compatible with Smartthings

Lately I’ve found at amazon many Zigbee Pilotlines products, motion, presence and window sensors, switches, at good prices. Could’t find an answer to the question if they are compatible or not with ST. did anyone try them?

It looks like a new listing at Amazon, no Q&A on the products.

SmartThings uses the zigbee home automation 1.2 profile (ZHA 1.2). Any device which is certified for that profile (not just for zigbee) can probably be made to work with SmartThings, although it may require a custom device Handler. Other zigbee profiles may or may not work.

my experience with customer service departments has not been good: if you ask them if they are certified for zigbee home automation, because they don’t know what that is, if they are using zigbee and it is a home automation device, they will almost always say they are certified even if they are not. So I ask to see a copy of their certification before purchasing.

In this particular case, I don’t know, but it’s a Chinese company and my guess is that it’s not ZHA 1.2. Zigbee is used a lot in China, but most of it is not ZHA certified. You can write them and ask, but verify the certification.

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Thank you. I sent them a note. No answers yet.

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Bought a couple of PilotLines zigbee motion sensors from Amazon. Liked the price and wanted to give it a shot. Needless to say, you get what you pay for. The motion sensors weren’t even detected by ST hub. No supporting documentation was included with the sensors.

Would spend my money elsewhere.