WTB: Looking for White Jasco GE Zwave Paddle Switch Covers with Air Gap

I have almond covers installed and can no longer find my white covers… yikes. If anyone has any to sell I’m happy to buy them. Looking for 7 total. Thanks in advance.

I had to pay $5 each for the black ones I needed. I will sell at the same price with free shipping if you’re interested.

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I’m about ready to replace my switches with black also and was happy to see they sell replacement covers. … But what’s the difference between air gap and no air gap?

For GE switches, the air gap is used to “reset” the switch. Ones without an air gap usually reset by holding both the top and bottom of the switch for a certain amount of time. Depending on whether the air gap exists, the front covers are different.

This GE switch has an air gap at the bottom

This one does not.

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I’m interested! Thanks for getting in touch.

I’m new to the forum so I can’t PM you to make arrangements. Is there a best way to get in touch with you?

I also have some white ones I am not using, in case yankacy doesnt come through.

Hi does anybody have any more white ones for sale? Looking to replace my almond paddles if anybody is interested in those.

Did you try contacting Jasco (manufacturer)?

I still have 25 or so, let me know how many you are looking for and what you were looking at spending?

I need 2 gap white ones. can you pm me? How do you PM some1 here? I’ll pay $5/paddle (including shipping, first mail is ok in the envelope)

If anyone still has white paddle covers, I’m looking for 11 white covers with air gaps and 7 without. Happy to pay $5 each shipped. Thank you.

I have 3 of each. Let me know if you want them. I also have a ton of almond, if any one is looking for them.

I’ll take the 3 white. Will PM. Thank you. If anyone has any more, please let me know.

Sent you a private message.

I have 4 almond paddles with air gap, if anyone is looking.

I have about 50 almond ones, with about 6 that don’t have and airgap.

You can have them for the price of shipping, before I move in about 6-8 months time otherwise they’ll get thrown in the trash…

Anyone have any white ones? Willing to pay.

Looking for white. If anybody has any left, I will gladly gladly pay. Looking to salvage all my almond covered switches. Thanks in advance!

I am looking for 5 White Paddles w/ Air Gap to replace Black. Willing to trade or pay.