Jasco GE Zwave Paddle Switch covers: need white, have ivory, will trade or buy

hey guys and gals - looking for WHITE paddle switch and bezel - I know that’s what they came with but I changed mine to ivory and no idea where I put the whites, now I need the Whites covers and not the ivory …
I have the "air gap " switch I can will trade or purchase someones leftovers need 3



Dan T

Aren’t they the same size as a standard decorative cover? I just installed a GE/Jasco in a 3-gang box and used the same 3-gang cover.

Maybe I’m just missing something?


Follow the link in the first post. The OP wants the piece that covers the rocker, not the cover plate that makes the frame for the switch. The GE switches have a pop off piece so you can change the color of the rocker itself. :sunglasses:

:+1: yes - the rocker and bezel not the decorative cover plates - that I have plenty

worst case I snap off the ivory rockers and shoot some white on them and reassemble

my system has been set and forget for a long time when we moved I brought my smart switches with me , I just can;t figure out where I stashed the original white rockers and rocker bezel

Dan T

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I bought a used switch hat only had the ivory paddle. I contacted them and got the following response. My switch is still sitting in the box, so haven’t actually tried it yet.


Thank you for contacting Jasco Products Company.

Since the white paddles are included with the switch we have a very limited number of replacement paddles available. You can call the Sales Department at 1-800-654-8483 option 2 and order the replacement paddle."

Sadly, I only have a box of about 20 of the ivory paddles :frowning:

Hey midskier, I’ve got three I’d give you for shipping… let me get home and see if I can get the air gap out of the paddles for easier shipping.

happen to have any for the add-on switch (no air gap hole)?

I could use a couple of the almond add-on (no air gap or LED hole) paddles as well.

thanks for the replies
PM sent

Dan T

thanks to Cory - I now have 3 almond / ivory ( I can’t which is which but know it’s not white) paddles WITH air gap pins available.
Dan T

Got anymore white?

thanks for asking sorry - I had Ivory needed white and sent my ivory to someone else