Value tile or displaying a value (new app)

I have a Webcore program that increments a time duration for every minute a switch is on. It reports a cumulative daily time and resets at midnight. Right now, it’s writing to a device with a device handler called “Webcore Value Tile”.

The device used to display the cumulative time in the Things menu in the old app (as 00:00:00 or hh:mm:ss). In the new app, it looks like an on/off switch with no value display.

Are there any device handlers that can allow me to create such a device with the new app, such that I can see the cumulative time in the home screen?


Yes there is, @guxdude has already done a very neat one…


Thanks @Alwas , this seems to be working well. It reverted to “Value A” at some point while I was testing it, not sure if it was because I went in to the settings and accidentally reset it. Is there a way to eliminate the input from the device handler and just let Webcore set it instead?

Any time the value is updated in the app, a flag is set in the DTH. If you use a piston like in this post:

Then you can reset the value to the webcore desired value any time it changes., The piston currently is set up to synchronize the app value with webcore global variables but you could always just face the value to stay the same.