Would it do this: run a bathroom fan based on humidity level?

Hi, New here I would like more information.

Would it be possible to get audible alerts (chime) and not just text for opened doors?

Could it activate the bathroom exhaust fan after the humidity sensor hit a target % let say 55% humidity and run until the humidity go down to 45%. Or this would be like a timer turn on at 55% and run for let say 10minutes instead of using the humidity sensor to turn off.

Thank you.

The short answer is yes. The longer answer would depend on the type of hardware you have. Do you want the chime on your phone? Which phone do you have (Android, iPhone, Windows).

With this:

And any of the zWave or Zigbee switches supported by smartThings.

And maybe this app:

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I wrote a smarp app to handle this. It calculates the humidity change rate and uses that to activate and de-activate the bathroom fan. I found that using that is more effective in practice than having a set threshold.
Smart Humidity Fan


What would be the Git Hub settings in case you ever updated this app?