Working Speakers (44 Devices Confirmed , 29 waiting Confirmation) last addition: Klipsch Stadium, Help Us to increase the list

Hi @Rob_Riley, Thanks for the donation, I really appreciate it. I’m glad you support developments.

Can someone please help me with the speaker I have purchased please? I purchased the Neet WiFi Wireless Music Receiver as it was listed as a working in the list above. This is what I purchased:®-Wireless-Receiver-wireless-streaming/dp/B00O0U37HO

My problem is that yes this device connects wirelessly to my network but in order to stream to it the device has a second WiFi AP which, when I connect I can play via airplay.

My issue is that my ST hub is on my network (192.168.0.*) and in order to send anything via DNLA I have to connect to the Needs bridged network which is on hence I assume this is why I cannot connect.

How have you guys managed to get this to work? It’s the same as the Veetop HiFi Airmusic device which is also reported as working.

Appreciate any help I can get with this.


Hi @keiron1992 , the user @ma10 has reported this device as workig, I think this device must to be configured inside a network to get a local ip address, but this device acts to like a router and allow connect devices (iphones, android, etc) when no wifi network is available , then , You need to search in instruction the way to connect the neet to your local network, watch this video to get a reference

Hi @ule thanks for your prompt response. I have it set up and working with my phone but I’m 99.9% that this is not compatible with smartthings. Would love to hear how @ma10 got this working. Thanks

I have a problem with the Neet also, I have it accessible in smart things but when I click play it says playing but nothing happens. would love to find a way to get this working, I think the problem is that you need to connect on the “External” network to use air play, I think the DLNA will also be looking on the external, I havent found a way to change the external address or bridge between the two, for example air play will only work when connected to its AP and not to any other in my network.

I got a Fabriq off Amazon. Works like a charm with DLNA despite no mention of DLNA support that I could find.


I just got my Fabriq speaker and noticed that you can pair it for multi-room with the Muzo Cobblestone from the list off wroking speakers in post 1.

Do you have the issue of Fabriq showing as “NO PRESENT” on the My Home->Things dashboard even though it still works fine? Doesn’t really bother me since it will works but curious if it’s just me.

Hi @Michael_Reamy

Some times the dlna devices show “not present” , this happens because the schedule have fail, every 3 min the speaker must to send status but if the timer fails the status is not updated.

Try to use the app watchdog time and add your speakers, theses app will refresh your dlna speakers and avoid schedule fails with the help of a event devices

In next release I’m going to add this watchdog in the MR connect.

But, I have been very busy with my job. be patient.

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I can confirm Pure Jongo A2 works great. These are multi room audio adapters that I hooked up to multiple speakers around the house.

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The only thing I’m looking for are two speakers (one downstairs and one in the master bedroom) that will announce zones that have opened/closed, and most importantly, zones that have caused an alarm trigger. I contemplated putting a siren in the master bedroom, but a middle of the night siren alert might cause more confusion when trying to figure out which zone has alerted (and whether it’s a smoke alarm etc).
Which speaker will be the most reliable to do this?

I can confirm that Sony SRS ZR5 is digital renderer = 1.

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Got this Alarm Clock WIFI Speaker as a birthday gift and I can confirm that the GGMM E3 Amazon works with the Generic DLNA Player for Smartthings. Great for accessing music on a NAS or Spotify, IheartRadio and so on. The Alarm was a bit of a disappointment. No way to set the alarm to music, just the default alarm sound. Overall sound quality is decent for the price. Youtube review

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Does anyone try with Xiaomi Smart WiFi speaker?
USD 120

The real shame about these is you cannot disable the auto off function. But I do love them!

How does the auto off function matter? I trigger them through my good morning, good night and wakeup routines and they automatically start as needed. Haven’t seen auto off to be a problem.

If mine turn off, they’re not coming back on without pushing the button :sweat: then they’ll play. Tried all sorts to bring them back up using CoRE but as yet no success.


I persevered a little, and finally nailed it. Cheers! :slight_smile:

What was the issue? Why didn’t they work for you initially?

They just wouldn’t wake from sleep mode.