Multiple speakers to be used for security

I’ve searched off and on to find an ideal speakers to use throughout the house for security.

Examples; play a recorded sound saying front door is open when my door triggers to open.

Play warnings sounds when global triggers initiate like lock all dead bolts

Play a siren when motion is detected when at an away status.

I’ve seen a lot of experience speakers but very limited in location.

The most ideal thing I’ve seen so far is AwoX StriimLIGHT Sl-w10 but I have no clue if it’s supported. Any suggestions before I go down this rabbit hole?

The strimlight is on the list of speakers confirmed to work with SmartThings by community members. It’s rather expensive, though, if all you want is voice announcements.

Did you check the cheap speaker topic?

From the last link, did see the possibility of the striimlight wifi but the twist I found earlier looks more promising.

I do have another project where I’m going to use Pi’s as a voice activated intercom system for the house. Since I’ll need speakers for those I could figure out a way to have it use those speakers as well.