Working List of Items for Projects


(Garrett Snelling) #1

I am working on putting together and maintaining a list of items that are the best bang for buck so when I go to work on projects, instead of diving into amazon, newegg, or whatever, I have a nice list to pull from. I haven’t seen anyone else post that here, so I figured I’d share my work with everyone else. Please feel free to post your ideas too, and I’ll add them to the list.

Google Home:
Battery Powered 3 Toggle Switch:

(3one4) #2

I would probably just add an echo DOT but just my opinion looks good …

(Glenn Brockett) #3

I would add SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Dimming Switch
And, Clear Switch Lock for Light Switch 4/pack to block off wall switches controlling fixtures with smart bulbs.


Different people have different needs and aesthetics, so their lists will be very different.

There are a number of existing topics, including threads like “what should I buy next” and “ten best things to do with SmartThings” which will probably give you some more ideas. You can use the quick browse lists in the community created wiki under the project section and check out the “get started” list, I think most of them are on that one. :sunglasses:


You might also find the button list interesting:

(Garrett Snelling) #6

Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep updating the list.