[WITHDRAWN] Denon Network AV Receivers

Corrrrect and you can also use CoRe or EchoSistant. That’s why I didn’t stress about colors that much. I was after functionality before aesthetics lol

Polling was the reason the support was ‘withdrawn’ was not reliable. So I am not surprised is not updating after minutes…

Zone 2, well that is a different beast. And based on my research at the time I was looking at it, each AVR has different commands for handling zone 2. So is very hard to generalize. Even within Denon versions, the zone 2 is handled differently.

Made some progress today, Expect a re-release Shortly. No Zone 2, but still Big boost…

FYI … I did some work on it today and created a new thread. You can check out the changes here:

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Just figured the below out - for anyone interested, once I selected ‘inputselect’ as an action in Webcore, I just needed to also set the source name by selecting the ‘parameter’ drop-down and ‘string parameter’ then, in my case type AUX2 in the value box. Apologies, I was originally under the impression that all of the individual sources would show as available actions.

Hi all, apologies digging up an older thread, but I was wondering if anyone could help me figure something out?

I’ve managed to install @Kristopher 's device handler for my DENON X4200 - all is working well, I can change volume, mute, select next source etc.

But what I cannot do is seemingly figure out is how can I discreetly select a source for use in things like Webcore? @SBDOBRESCU - I saw that your DH extension to this code does this, but I cannot get it to install on the Classic app, it just force closes no matter what I try and I’ve read that you’ve long moved on from updating this… :disappointed_relieved:

Accordingly, I wondered if anyone could tell me what I would need to do to be able to expose discreet source selections to use in Webcore amending Khristopher’s code if this is required?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi There forgive my ignorance…
As i am trying to let My Denon AVR-X2500h working on my smartthings app.
Working on an Iphone.

I managed to copy the code from @SBDOBRESCU in the Device Handlers.
I Also managed to add a Device called Denon, en inserted the Device Handlers.

But in the app, i cant switch from input (Input like: SAT/BCBL or GAME or AUX etc.)
Is there a code that can do that?