[WITHDRAWN] Community Admiration

(John) #128

Politics? Talk about Withdrawn Admiration!

(Bobby) #129

Love this line! Glad I wasn’t drinking or else I would have tested my phone’s IIP68 claim!!!

(April Wong) #130

Shit. That’s just brutal. #tooclosetohome

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy; NOT a SmartThings Employee.) #131

:hear_no_evil: :worried:… Hugs.

(Chris ) #132

Pretty much in the same boat at this point. I’ve only had it a month and in that time there have only been a few instances where things didn’t work as planned but then again I’m not a ‘power user’ at this point. I probably would have been ok with a simple lighting control hub at this point ( Lutron) but chose ST for its flexibility when/if I decide to add smart locks, thermostats,doorbells etc.

(Shelley Powers) #133

That’s not true.

By providing documentation and an open API, SmartThings hopes for community involvement in the form of increased functionality. It becomes, in effect, another selling point for using the ST device over another.

When you provide an open API and encourage others to use it, then you do take on issues associated with its use. It’s in your best interest to ensure developers create the best apps. It’s in your interest to ensure community apps don’t cause harm. It’s in your interest to promote the best of the apps, as well as make sure widely used apps are finetuned to be the best they can be.

No one forced ST to open up their platform. I commend them for doing so. However, once they did, then they’ve taken on community-developed apps as another aspect of the ST universe that must be professionally maintained and managed.

Alex from ST understands this.

That @bravenel pulled support for the app is understandable, and we should be sympathetic, rather than beat the man about the head.

(Ian) #134

Hell yes, I would’ve pulled support too. How long can it possibly be before device manufacturers and even Samsung itself pull their support as well? Why would Samsung let a device that has a very small market compared to phones, TVs, etc. tarnish its brand like this? I hate to be brutally honest but I think ST is gonna have to clean house and/or hire more capable programmers and engineers or whatever if they want to stay in the Home Automation and Security market.

(Benji) #135

You’re somewhat misconstruing what Alex and I said.

Yes there is an expectation to support their API functionality although again, I’m not sure that’s the purpose of the email support team, developers have much better access to the ST for developer specific functions if they choose to participate in them, some devs don’t. These are the tools that Alex is alluding to that are already there and will only continue to get better and better now that ST can re-focus efforts again.

So for example, if some call/function isn’t working or isn’t working the way they’d expect it to, they can reach out to the SmartThings team (again, the best way might not be through the email support line). However, the support team isn’t there to support the SmartApp/DTH itself, they probably can’t talk you through setting up a rule in RM for example, it’s not their place to do so although they may try their best, just don’t expect it.

This is exactly how F5 works with iRules on the Big-IP load balancers, they provide iRule functionality which is EXTREMELY powerful, they’ll support the functionality of iRules but they provide virtually no support for the iRules themselves that people write.

For reference I haven’t “beaten Bruce about the head” at all, I have my opinions on his response but I do worry that people will think that ST released a fix for the platform just because Bruce removed his SmartApp as that’s not the case, plans were already well in motion for the fixes that have been put in place and are being put in place.

While I respect Bruce and I like RM, there are other options and all he does by removing RM, as an end user is move me to those other options. It’s sad that Bruce has decided to pack up shop but while ST is still here, life goes on.

(Shelley Powers) #136

Well, I expect Alex to speak up for himself.

But no, when you expose a public API, that’s as much a part of your support environment as the applications you provide directly.

The company benefits when the community develops apps for others to use. The developer team can’t hold people’s hands, but they do have to ensure that no app is actively harming the system, and if an app is very popular, it’s in their best interest to ensure it works efficiently and correctly.

Alex mentioned providing a better set of tools developers can use for testing and/or finetuning their applications. This is part of the support. Good documentation is another. Monitoring tools so they can tell when an app is harmful is essential.

I’m not talking about email support. I see that for end users–the non-techs.

And I did not mention about helping end users use community provided apps–I’m talking about support for the developers so that they provide applications that don’t cause harm. And perhaps even embracing apps that achieve a certain level of popularity.

As for Bruce, well I can’t speak for him. But if I were him, I wouldn’t want my app to be used by people if there are underlying infrastructure issues causing problems with it. I don’t have enough hours in the day to help the end user because of issues out of my control.

When people provide apps, they’re doing the rest of us a kindness. And we should never take any of it for granted, or develop such expectations that we blame them if they decide it’s in everyone’s best interest to pull the app. If the app has become such an integral part of the device, then it is up the ST team to reach out to the developer and see what they can do to roll that app into the company-supported environment.

By no means do any of us have a right to have a snit. Ever.

(Benji) #137

You’re literally agreeing with me.

(Shelley Powers) #138

I would say it’s more like you’re agreeing with me. Or that you didn’t understand what I wrote in the first place.

I did want to comment further on your previous writing:

No one thinks this. I’m not even sure why you would assume people would think this.

We’ve had issues with ST for quite some time. The status page has noted this for almost a month.

I’m assuming Bruce pulled his app, in part, because of the issues…but the real problems have been with SHM, ST’s official app. That and ZigBee, and scheduling, and device reliability, and…well, you get it.

(Benji) #139

I really don’t want to get into a “who started it” argument.

It was my initial statement which you responded too, so if there was a misunderstanding in the first place it was yours.

(Shelley Powers) #140

Let me guess…system engineer, right?

(Benji) #141


Oh wait, this is one of those throw away comments people use when they can’t admit they’re wrong but are in too deep to save face :smiley:


wow, next there will be analyst and project managers.

(Kevin) #143

Can you elaborate?

I’m aware of the slack channels, but from what I’ve seen, it’s disorganized and mostly used to joke around and post photos. I’ve found that people in the community tend to be more helpful.

The unreliability of ST is frustrating for developers, but so is the lack of support. I’ve found that ST employees initially respond to a post, but as soon as you ask them something they’re unable/unwilling to answer, they disappear.

I’ve been trying to get answers to a list of questions related to storing images and the carousel tile for 2 weeks. The only information I’ve been provided is that the storeImage api is no longer supported, it doesn’t have a replacement because ST only supports cameras that do live streaming, and there’s no sample code that shows how to live stream video in a device handler.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #144

Well do it! Get off the pot, already Benji! YOU keep complaining about the negativity in the community, so if you don’t like it… then…???

And stop telling others to. Look Benji, I will continue to point out issues and shed light on negative issues with ST as long as I feel it is in fact the BEST concept in SmartHome there is, or until the execution of that concept is fixed.

When either of those changes, so will I.

Ummm boy, yessum them boots sure do tastes good as I lick em sir… ummm boy…

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #145

And then the tech that’s self taught with a high school diploma will come along and fix all of it, right, the first time.

(Benji) #146

The Slack is exactly what I’m talking about but I guess if you haven’t spent enough time there then that’s the impression you’d get of the place when in fact if and when the conversation gets serious, so do the ST employees. Plenty of people get help there but there will be some questions that they can’t answer, that’s the nature of any company.

But I’m guessing the Slack channels is just the start of things to come.

I’m not hogging the potty, I’m quite happy where I am :wink:

There’s pointing out issues and the negative aspects of ST which we’re all happy to do and then there has been the behavior of this community, two separate things oh and thanks for the pic, you’ll get the irony of who’s who at some point I’m sure :wink:

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #147

Which one is it? I sure am confused.

Do you like the community or do you dislike visiting it/it is the worst part of ST?