With the ADT Smartthings HUB will I get alarm alerts on my phone without the monitoring service?

Click on Automation at the bottom. Then click on the Smartapp name at the top on the screen that pops up. Once there you shoud see a Option for Safety & Security. Click on that. The top app to be installed should be Smart Home Monitor - Security. Install that and you should be set.

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This is what I get when I click on Safety & Security.

I think you are still on the location with the ADT hub active on it. Exit that are and the click on the 3 lines in the uper left corner. Select the new location and the try the steps again.

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You are correct. . . thanks! I switched to the new location and installed SHM. Now I have a second location with SHM installed but the hub is on the first location. Is it possible to move the hub over to the new location and delete the original location?

I haven’t paired any sensors with the ADT hub so I could just reset everything and start fresh if that’s easier.

Is there other options to receive alarm or smoke detector alerts by phone calls other Then an ifttt with a switch , like to have alexa or google call me. And could I also have my alexa make sounds when a motion detector is activated, Dog barking etc?

Having Alexa play custom sounds is pretty easy. See the following FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link)

You can either reset the hub and add it to the new location or in the new Smartthings app you can move all your devices from one location to another. Basically go into the app click on Devices at the bottom click on the all devices option in the upper left corner and select your old location. Then click on the 3 dots in the upper right and click on edit. Now click on the 3 dots again and you should have an option to move all devices and follow the prompts to move them all to your new location.

I have been told this works.

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Thanks again! I hope to have time to work on it this evening.

Help , I have a small problem I have adt motion ,and doors senors ( and other things ) and I added my utilitech siren , now when I arm the alarm on adt Samsung hub the siren sounds when I open my door to exit ?

If you used the all ADT Sensors then make sure you select the option for ADT dual branded sensors in the Alert Action App.

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Thanks you for the reply ,I fixed it I think my problem was I had setup the smart home monitor to work with the senors and sirens so I had not no exit delay , I removed them from the security on the shm and now only have my leak and temperate senors on the SHM I only am using your ADT tools for the configuration of the motion / door senors.Is this correct ?

now I just need to find the code for a virtual device so I use the ifttt to receive phone calls when an alert intruder / water / temperature etc happens instead of just buying switches I can’t use other then for calls any codes for IDE out there . I will keep searching .

Has anyone used Konnected to monitor their ADT system?

Isn’t possible. Have to use adt sensors to monitor with the adt hub

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Does this mean that ST now has a migration tool? I missed the discussion.

My understanding was that functionality is part of the new app. I don’t know when it was added, but i was advised about it some time ago. I haven’t actually done it myself though.

you can move devices between locations in the new app, but I don’t think that will work for a hub connected device since the hub itself needs to register with the device. The new app does allow you to setup multiple hubs per location, so you may be able to do some trickery with having two hubs under one location in order to keep your automations in tact. @tgauchat , did you do anything special when migrating hubs?

It’s not a hub to hub migration tool. It just lets you change the location in your account that a hub and its devices are assigned to. Or that devices that don’t need a hub are assigned to. But the devices remain attached to whatever hub they previously joined.

Moving Devices Between Account Locations? (ST added a second “home” just for my TV in the new app)


Also, Samsung support has now changed their advice. While it is now technically possible to have two hubs on one location using the new app, they are now telling people not to do it, but to have just one hub per location. This is a change from January 2019.


Note: It is not recommended to add a SmartThings Hub to a Location with an existing Hub.


I have only migrated a couple Things.

I have confidence that 2 Hubs in 1 Location is generally OK and can help ease migration, but with a few risks:

  1. When adding Devices to a particular Hub it may be advisable to disconnect the other Hub. While only 1 should be in join mode, I found adding Contact Sensor failing or being re-joined to the old Hub.

  2. Perhaps the ongoing risk is that the wrong Hub will grab a ZigBee or Z-Wave device - especially if the device has been connected to it in the past. Not sure why this isn’t solvable or how big a risk it is. Hub firmware and/or cloud data inconsistencies are a perpetual mystery.

  3. Super LAN Connect (I haven’t tested) is extra likely to arbitrarily join to the “wrong” Hub. But we all hate Super LAN Connect, right?

Because of 3 points above, I agree that avoiding multiple Hubs in a single Location avoids some amount of risk. However, the convenience and power may outweigh the risk.

Are you referring to the normal ST hub or the 3x wifi mesh hubs in terms of avoiding connecting multiple hubs in a single location? how does the mesh network get around this issue using 3+ separate hubs in one location?