Convert from Iris: Need more information about ADT/SmartThings vs regular SmartThings hub

I am looking to convert from the now dead Iris system, I am curious about Smartthings vs Smarthings/ADT. I do not need a paid plan I just need to be notified via text that a contact sensor or motion sensor has been triggered. Will the regular hub do this or do I need the ADT one?

regular hub will send notification of intrusion thur notificaions on smarthings app and also will text messages…

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homeseer has switches with scene control and new ones with color leds for notifications. there are custom device handlers and apps for these devices from the comunity. i would use on by the back door to notify me if the smartthings “smart home minitor” is armed when letting the dogs out late at night, also to disarm before letting them out…

The ADT Smartthings panel will be more like a traditional alarm system. You dont have to pay for monitoring to use it.

If you go with any of the regular hubs you will end up using Smart Home Monitor. It is cloud based and is missing some normally standard alarm features. So even though it will work isn’t really a great alarm system.

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I am new to the communnity, as like the orginal post, I am/was an Iris user who is needing to redo my entire set up at a secondary location. I do have a primary residence with a smartthings hub controling some minimual functions (camera, thermo, locks, lights). So I am a novice at best with the Smartthings hub.

I have made up my mind to go with the Smartthings solution as I am excited about developing and controlling through the ST Developer application.

At my secondary location, I will mainly be controlling remotly the Thermostat (Zwave CT100), cameras and locks along with Scenes running If/then “rules”
My question is: 1) What is the best way to add a second hub at a secondary location (2 accounts, 2 locations within the App same account)
2) Cameras - Arlo sucks, as I have one at my primary location and the lag is awful. Ring, I have one of those too, the fisheye view is not very becoming, but can get used to it. What are suggestions for cameras that can be viewed and record motion both day and night that work well with the ST Ecosystem?

Any help and assistance would be greatly appreciated as I only have 2 months to get this up, tested and operational.

Thank you all for your help

Second location is easy. Create a new location in your IDE account and then register a hub to it. That way you have access to both locations and hubs from the same Samsung account login.

Camera options are far more limited in ST for proper integration (notifications, motion detection, recording and viewing).
Arlo, Samsung and Ring are the natively integrated options. That are a few third party options for live viewing of cameras.
Foscam has a decent third party integration with motion detection, recording (in Foscam cloud/SD card/FTP/eMail) and live viewing that is also popular.

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Just be aware that SmartThings is in a major transition phase right now. New hub, new cloud platform, new app. And they have already said that the existing groovy cloud platform will eventually be discontinued, although they haven’t said when. But the new platform isn’t yet finished, leading to a lot of confusion over what exactly it will be like.

So if you are looking at SmartThings primarily as a base for custom development, it’s just really hard to evaluate right now. More details in the developers section of the forum.

If you have a strong technical background, then you might also add Hubitat, Homeseer, and Home Assistant ( to your candidates list.

Also, would you please start your own thread under Projects to discuss your setup, rather than adding on to this one? That way you will be automatically notified when new posts are added to the thread and it will be less confusing for everyone. Thanks! :sunglasses:

Thanks, it was my first post and thought it would fall in the Iris topic. I do appreciate the feedback


Are they dropping support for the old app as the new one is listed as uncompatable with samsung galaxy j3. I dont want to get involved in something that wont work with normal android 8.1.0 phones. Also does the adt hub require the new app

They will be dropping the classic app eventually, but they haven’t given a timeline. The ADT Hub model will work with either app.

So will the new app ever work on samsung j3 phones running android 8.1.0

We’ve got the Classic app working with Android Jellybean and Icecream phones. I didn’t quite understand your concern.

play store says the new app it is incompatable with my galaxy j3 running android 8.1.0 . And refuses to allow install. If the classic app will be removed it makes no sence to buy smart things if it wont work on my new phone

I don’t think the Classic app is going away anything soon. The best of SmartThings lies in it’s custom apps and device handlers and until the new app supports installing custom apps it it’ll stick around (which in ST’s timelines tends to work in years). As for the new app not working on Android 8 doesn’t sounds right. You can drop a note to ST support to investigate it.