With Groovy on its way out…

Thanks again @philh30 ! I joined the channel and installed a few. I currently have 13 devices showing in IDE with ‘placeholder’ and Cloud Execution… How would that happen? Some of these devices showed ‘placeholder’ well before I joined the channel or attempted anything with Edge. I have not deleted/re-added any devices since installing the Edge drivers.

Your cell phone and WiFi devices linked the ST will also show up as placeholders.

Yep, that’s a few of them, but there are also Arlo cameras and a bunch of zwave switches

Is there any reason not to just go down the whole list and install everything?

Cameras are WiFi devices.

Are the z-wave switches that are showing as placeholders the child devices of multi-endpoint switches? If they don’t have the driver option in the app’s device menu then they’re not on Edge drivers.

Up to you. I haven’t, but I’m not big on clutter if I’m not using it. The only downside you’re likely to encounter is if you buy a new device that joins to one of those drivers but doesn’t work well, like if you have a shade that’s not fingerprinted in the window treatment driver so it maps to the switch driver instead based on the command classes it supports.

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Ha! Ok, so I have no idea what that even means- however your question forced me to think about those devices, and I believe they’re all Lutron switches that are connected via a Lutron Hub.

If this happens, will fixing it be a simple matter of going into the IDE and changing the Device Type as would currently do?

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Currently, when a device joins, it either goes left to Edgeland or right towards Groovytown. Once it picks a path, the only way to make it go the other way is to exclude it and start over. No other way to swap from a driver to a DTH or vice versa.


Lutron is not zwave: it uses its own proprietary protocol called “clear connect.“

The Lutron/SmartThings integration is cloud to cloud, so you would expect those devices to be listed as “placeholder.“


IDE is only geared towards groovy. You can’t use it to change the device type to Edge drivers or any cloud-to-cloud integrations. Also worth pointing out that the current IDE will most likely be phased out when groovy is shut down.


Right, I recall you saying that in another thread. Will there be (or is there) a place to see what’s going on with Edge driver devices?

In anticipation of my new shades install, I’ve added the TaHoma hub to my network. It’s supposed to be a natively supported ST device, so I’m guessing that I won’t need to exclude and re-add it now that I’ve installed Edge drivers(?)

My guess is things will be rolled over to the ST app.

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Confusion clouds my mind as usual

Today I decided to change my greenwave single node zwave sockets from there custom dth’s listed as cloud in the ide over to ST stock switch with power ( or something like that) this change now lists the devices as local in the IDE

The devices UI pages updated without issue, OK I am missing custom options but they continue to function properly and no remove re install was used

That’s the CLI for now, step 3 in my post above. If you search the forum for “logcat” you can probably find a good step by step to start up live logging.

I would wait and see what ST does with that at the transition.

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You’ve switched to one of the DTHs that ST loaded to the hubs as part of the firmware. You’re still on the Groovy side of the house unless you see the driver option in the app. That should be just as good as an Edge driver right now unless some of that functionality you’re missing is important.

Depends on the users point of view, devices are usually purchased on function, my greenwave devices were capable of voltage leak detection, colour wheel selection, and a few other special functions, we’re these options utilised ?? Yes in the classic app but like other devices no due to UI limitations in the new app.

Does the device function… yes but without the options it was originaly purchased for

Ala Fibaro RGBW tbh, ST really killed alot of users devices with there horrendous new app

Quite a lot of information is presented in the SmartThings API, which you can either access with your own choice of client or by using the CLI.

Some bits and bobs, such as routing for hub connected devices using Groovy DTHs or implemented in the hub firmware, haven’t made it to the API yet, but a lot has.

Unfortunately using the IDE has become entrenched.

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@philh30 , so I successfully install my new blinds with the Edge Driver?

Is the IDE the only way to determine?

If you open the device in the ST app, click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen… if there is Driver on that pull-down… then it is using an Edge driver. From there you could switch to other Edge drivers if available and you are subscribed to them.

The network ID of SOMFY|SOMFY|undefined combined with the placeholder device type tells me the Cloud part is probably accurate for these. I’m guessing they’re connecting through a cloud to cloud integration. Which model is this and are you joining directly via z-wave/zigbee or through the Tahoma hub?