Need a switch, don't have proper wiring

My current situation:
I have a dining room with two overhead light fixtures. They are controlled by separate switches on two different sides of the room. I wanted to be able to control both of them at the same time and from one switch.

My plan:
Install GE Link LED Smart bulbs in each fixture, install one smart switch on fixture A, leave the power always on on fixture B, use the smart switch on fixture A to control both bulbs.

My problem:
My wiring is wired wrong in my house. I only have one set of wires coming into my switch box. It is my understanding that the power is ran to the fixture and not to the switch.

Plan B: Is there a battery operated switch that I could use as a trigger to turn on and off the two GE Link LED’s?

This is not “wrong” wiring. It is quite normal. You could use a micro switch which is installed near the light fixture typically. Here is a good thread about such wiring.

Aeon sells a zwave button which works with this micro switch also so you could even add a button on the other wall to make it switchable on either side.

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What makes more sense to me…and I just tested it out. Use an AEON Minimote, use one of the buttons to control both GE Link bulbs. As long as I leave the actual light switches turned on, the Minimote would work as a battery operated switch. I can still control both bulbs from my app as well. Not sure why I didn’t think about this earlier.

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