Wiring a ceiling fan to wall switch. I have a white cable next to the ceiling box that contains a white, black, and red wire with a ground. From the box i have a black, white, green, and copper wire. After testing each wire only the red is hot

I previosly had a fan ( no light) operated by a smart switch. I am trying to install a fan with a light. The wiring has me confused. There is one red hot wire that does not appear to be controlled by any switch. When individually tested the black wires are not hot. From my ceiling i have a seperate white cable containing the red, a black, white, and ground wire. From the ceiling box i have a black, white, green and copper wire. I have three switches on the wall, one of them a smart switch. The smart switch was used to control the old fan ( no light) the center switch controlled the lights above the couch and an outside light, the third and final switch controls the tv. As it appears that only the red wire is hot, i connected the red to all the blacks, and the blue wire from new fan. I connected all the whites together, and all the greens with the copper. Now the first switch turns couch lights on and fan light, middle switch dims them and third switch still turns on the tv. No switches will turn on the fan blades.

Brand and model of both the old smart switch that worked and the new smart fan that doesn’t? I understand that the old set up did not have a light in the fan.

Different models have different wiring requirements. :thinking:

Do we have a badge for the longest topic title in history ?


Also, did you take a photo of what the old wiring looked like before you disconnected the old switch? I’m confused about why you’ve tied everything together for all 3 switches at this point. :thinking:

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