Wireless Wall Switch (ZME_WALLC-S) to control Smartthings devices and routines

I personally like the smartenIt 3 toggle switch, which is battery operated and can be wall-mounted or tabletop. It is a Zigbee device, but works just like a minimote with smartthings. But it only has three buttons and a lot of people may want more.

I know at one point @Tyler was looking into multibutton wall-mounted devices, but I don’t know what conclusions he came to. It’s challenging to find devices that will work in a way that makes sense for a multiprotocol installation.

The other option that a lot of people use is a wall-mounted tablet dashboard like http://www.smarttiles.click

I’m not sure what’s available in Europe, but here in the US you can also get a Wi-Fi phone with a touchscreen for under $20 (no activation required to just run it on wifi) and put a simplified version of the dashboard on that. So the Dashboard options fill in the gap for a lot of people.