Wireless Tags for a beginner

Hi. I have just taken the plunge and invested in Smartthings as the foundation for developing a smart home at house in London and a second home in France.
As I am away from my French home for long periods of time I am looking for two different sensors. One just temperature and the other temperature+humidity to enable me to keep an eye on fridge, freezer and a cellar.
In addition to the multi sensors that work with Smartthings I stumbled upon Wireless Tags which would meet my needs even though I would need a separate Tag Manager. My issue, however, is how would I go about getting Wireless Tags to work with Smartthings in the same way as a Smartthings multi sensor does?
Please bear in mind I am a newbie to Smartthings (only had it one week) and do not have a degree in computer science! Are they any good guides to read that could provide basic explanations etc?
All help would be gratefully received.
Many thanks.

Unfortunately, while there is a community – created integration, it’s one of the more complex kind. You would have to install both a custom smartapp and custom device type handlers and it’s all pretty complicated. Plus, it will only work with the classic version of the app, which would add yet another level of complexity since as a new customer you are most likely using the new version.


Instead, I suggest you begin by using the integration offered by the free Ifttt service. It will be much simpler to use, and requires very little setup since both SmartThings and Wireless Tags are already registered services with Ifttt. It won’t give you quite as many options as the custom integration, So you Will have to take a look at it and see if it does what you want. :sunglasses:

Here’s the tutorial if you haven’t used Ifttt before:


If you are interested in the more complex integration, begin by reading the following community FAQ so you understand the terms and concepts. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

After that, you can take a look at the integration itself:

Many thanks for your prompt and helpful reply. I have the V3 hub and the new app not classic. Had a quick look at IFTTT the other day and wrote a simple rule to turn on a smart socket at a certain time so started the learning curve. Right now I bought a ST multi sensor and put it in my fridge in London to see if it would be able to report temperature at intervals through the metal casing and amazingly it works fine. How long the battery will last at low temperature I will have to see so using the same device in my French fridge is an option. Right now I can just open my ST app and read the fridge temp when I want which is fine as it is in the same house as me. For France I would just like to be able to see temp when I felt curious but to also write IFTTT rule to send me an alert if temp got above certain level. France has loads of power cuts so right now I have no way of knowing if my fridge has gone off, everything thawed and then it’s restarted hours later or whether it has not restarted at all!
So basically I am after just being able to see temp/humidity and then to write simple rule to send me an alert.
I will delve further.

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