Wireless Outdoor Camera, Battery Operated

Any recommendations for the above that preferably works with ST?? Clear night video is a must.
I really dont need streaming within the ST app but would like to use the motion sensor capabilities of the camera within ST. Alternatively, it must work with iSpy app and its motion detection capabilities.

ARLO support is coming real soon, search the forum.

The blink camera is quite popular, with number of community members using it.

RBoy has a paid smart app that can integrate it with a number of SmartThings features.

Or search the forums for free smartapp alternatives. :sunglasses:

I have looked at the Arlo and when I read any review that describes cons, each indicates the battery life is low and battery replacements costs are high. Even the biggest supporters often point this out as a negative.

The Blink looks like a good choice however it does not look like it can handle the outdoors.

Update: I guess some people are using it outside under protected casing however it is not recommended. I could probably find a way to make it work however… Amazon does not ship to Canada. The manufacture does at a steep shipping price.
I dont understand how some of these companies think its alright to charge 1/3 of the total cost just for shipping while other (i.e. Smartest House) have very reasonable shipping costs. :rage:

Welcome to NAFTA and free trade my brother! :slight_smile:
Free trade is a one way street here and in Mexico, all roads lead to “Rome”.

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