Outdoor battery camera for smartthings

I’m searching for an outdoor battery-powedered camera for smartthings (v3 hub), and no base.
The camera should detect motion too and be able to active a siren in that case.

I see the Arlo Pro 2 but they have an Arlo Base…

Any ideas?


Try the Blink camera, 2+yr battery life and you can integrate with ST using IFTTT to get motion notifications which can be used to trigger actions


Thanks a lot, so the Blink base is not necessary?

Do you mean sync module ? Yes it’s required and can be integrated with ST for remote arming and disarming of the system.

Thanks, but I was searching a product that can be connected directly with the ST hub, without any other device.
Blink sells the camera alone, so I didn’t want to purchase the Blink base if possible…

Which camera are you referring to? Blink requires the use to the sync module which is what allows its camera to have such insanely long battery lives on just two AA batteries.

There aren’t any cameras which connect directly to the smartthings hub.

Most use a cloud to cloud connection, in which case the camera has to be able to access Wi-Fi.

Most of the battery operated cameras use a plug-in base for their Wi-Fi connection because otherwise they will use up the battery too quickly.

The only exception I know are some of the battery operated ring models. They don’t need a base station. But they are quite expensive and The batteries need to be recharged frequently unless you get a solar charger, which adds yet another cost. And only some of the models work with smartthings.

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But in general most cameras need a Plugged in base station to support the power demands of Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi is how they will integrate with smartthings.

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Foscam has some cameras which run on battery you can check out. They can connect directly to the hub using this integration.

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Does that work with the V3 hub? I thought they changed the video support for the newer models.

Yes it does but video isn’t the primary goal of the integration. It’s motion and sounds detection. ST is supposed to release a new framework for video for the new app

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Thank you for all the advice, I think I’d try the Blink!