Wired ZWave Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors

New to the forum and new to Zwave.

I have a FrontPoint IQ Panel which also acts as a Zwave hub. I’m definitely interested in using the Kiddie SM120X relay to tie into my hardwired dual smoke detectors. Members have mentioned wiring the relay into a simple zwave door switch. What switch is recommended?

If I wire the relay into the existing smoke alarm system what wires specifically are connected to the door switch and where?

My end goal is simply to get an alert on my phone if the smoke alarms go off. If FrontPoint can monitor the smoke alarms with this method, that’s great, but not a deal breaker.

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That is entirely untrue, CO does not sink or rise and typically mixes evenly into the air through thermal convection. It’s known well to distribute fairly evenly.

Hi Josh did you ever find a hard wired z wave smoke / co2 detector. Just bought a new house and have the same problem. The only solution I see is the Zwave

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I would like to get the same. I cannot find a Zwave, interconnected, smoke/CO2 combo that is hardwired (with battery backup).

Has anyone found one that can work with SmartThings?


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Does it have to be zwave? If not, take a look at Halo, which are zigbee. I went with Halo detectors everywhere I could. They’re great, hardwired, and have a built in 10 year rechargeable battery. Can be a bit pricey though.

Thank you for the quick reply. I am open to Zigbee. I did see the Halo systems, and they are a bit pricey, but seem to be worth it. Appreciate the guidance.

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Almost the end of 2019 and still no hardwired zwave smoke detector?


2020 and still no hardwired zwave smoke detector?

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This solutions costs roughly $55 for both parts, not including the smoke detector and involves tinkering with the electronics…correct?

Bit disappointed there isn’t an obvious z wave device out there even in 2020. Having gone through this thread I’m probably going to go with Nest Protects.

I currently have two interconnected smoke detectors I want to replace with the Nest Protects. Does anyone know if the Nests can also be interconnected?

Just use one of these…

You only need one for all your interconnected smoke detectors. Also, much cheaper than tying to replace all your detectors with smart ones.

OK but I’m in the UK and this device doesn’t seem to be available here…

Also, its just two smoke alarms I have, one in the downstairs hallway one in the landing upstairs so although obviously cost is a factor, it’s not like I’ll need to buy 6 or 7 Nests.

But the audio detector alternative seems good to so open to considering it, just doesn’t seem to be anything in UK market.

Google Nest Protect’s Wireless Interconnect allows all Nest Protects to talk to one another, letting you know what’s happening in other parts of the house during an alert or Emergency Alarm.


There’s no similar audio detector for the UK market because the UK mandated smoke sensor sound is much more complicated than the one in the US. The one in the US is a very simple repeated beep pattern. The one in the UK has to get louder over time and has other variables so there just aren’t the same acoustic sensors sold there.

The battery powered Fibaro smoke sensor has an official smartthings integration, but I know that’s not what you were looking for.

I personally like nest protects and have them in my own home. They are interconnected in a very smart way, in that each device will announce which device detected smoke. So, for example, the one in the family room would say “smoke detected in the bedroom“ and play the alarm. :sunglasses:

You can get partial integration with smartthings through the Ifttt channel, so you might look at that and see if it gives you enough.

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Yea I’ve seen the Fibaro sensor but if only they would create a combined smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Plus they’re not wired and since I have the existing wired alarms I’d rather hard wire the new ones too.

Didn’t know that about the UK mandated smoke sensor sound! We like to be complicated us Brits.

I think the Nests is the way I’ll go - just looking at that link to the IFTTT integration, this note is suggesting it might not work with Nest devices which are registered to a Google rather than Nest account…I’ve not had any Nest devices up until recently when I swapped my Ring doorbell for the Nest Hello so I’ll be using a Google account. Does that mean the IFTTT integration won’t work for me?

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Good find. Unfortunately, yes, you are correct: if you don’t already have a nest account, it’s likely that the Ifttt channel will not work for you. :disappointed_relieved:

I’m not sure what the options are in that case. Particularly for the UK. You might get in touch with nest support and ask them if there is a way to turn on Phillips hue lightbulbs connected to a Phillips hue bridge if your nest protect alerts. I know that’s not exactly what you want to do, but that answer would give us a lot of information about what might be possible. :thinking:

Doh! Well I’ve ordered two Nest Protects because I think they are the best, most rounded solution right now and though I don’t have the hue stuff yet that’s also going to be bought soon so I’ll have to tinker with it and see. I do hope eventually I’ll be able to integrate the Nests into my ST setup but it won’t be a massive issue until then because the Nests will still be able to alert me with their native capability.

Also, I think on that page for the IFTTT and ST integration I saw something about connecting hue and Nest together via the bridge so there might be something there to test.

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I am also in the UK like you. I currently have some Nest Protect units but I am worried about Google’s moves to effectively kill off the ability to integrate them with other systems.

For the UK the only options I have seen are various smoke/fire sensors. There do not seem to be any combined CO/smoke sensors. Some brands do offer matching separate CO sensors.

There are various Chinese offerings e.g Xiomi, but I find all these Chinese line ups totally confusing and the fact there is no official European sales channel a handicap as it completely removes the confidence in their products being compliant with regulations. There is Netatmo a French company who make a unit which also has HomeKit support but it is battery only. However they claim the battery lasts for 10 years which is as long as the sensor itself would last.

Another option I found is FireAngel. They have an interesting mix of options but it looks like they have an annoying limitation. They do both wired and wireless. They do a range which links multiple units together. They do both Zigbee and Z-Wave modules.

However it seems you cannot have all these options in one. Also it appears they only sell to industry and not endusers and they tend not to respond to contact requests. However here is their site have a look yourself.

It is amazing that after so many years no-one has come close to matching the Nest Protect.

PS. As others mentioned the audio sensors would not work in the UK. A clever workaround someone else suggested is to mount a vibration sensor touching the smoke alarm. When its siren goes off the vibration triggers the sensor which can then report to Smartthings.

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Totally agree.

Interesting but still no combined smoke and CO detector annoyingly.[quote=“jelockwood, post:38, topic:15393”]
Another option I found is FireAngel. They have an interesting mix of options but it looks like they have an annoying limitation. They do both wired and wireless. They do a range which links multiple units together. They do both Zigbee and Z-Wave modules.

Lol yet another one that doesn’t do a combined detector. I don’t get what’s so difficult to do given Nest did it so long ago and there is clearly a demand. [quote=“jelockwood, post:38, topic:15393”]
It is amazing that after so many years no-one has come close to matching the Nest Protect.

Really is. For me, the Nest is the best solution out there right now in the UK so I’m content with that. If it wasn’t that I’d probably go for Fibaro’s separate smoke and Co sensors. It would be costly but I rate Fibaro and I’ve had good experiences with their devices both from a reliability and quality point of view.

I’m no expert but surely Google will eventually have to include Smartthings into their works with Assistant programme? I’m banking on the huge existing Customer base of Smartthings and it being backed by Samsung. Plus, Smartthings has become such a big player in the market that when products are first released they usually have limited interoperability but more often than not, Smartthings integration is there. We’ll see though!

Not too long ago in the US there were the Halo and Halo+ smoke/CO detectors (Zigbee and WiFi combined!) that announced weather alerts (+ model), which room the detector tripped in, they were AC powered w/battery backup, they were interconnected, and had an color LED’s built in for alert types and/or night light usage. They were ST compatible right out of the box, and were marketed that way, or you could use their own WiFi app.

I have them everywhere in our home, but unfortunately the company went out of business. You can still find these new on eBay, but it’s getting harder and harder and they’re only for the US market.