Wired ZWave Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors

New to the forum and new to Zwave.

I have a FrontPoint IQ Panel which also acts as a Zwave hub. I’m definitely interested in using the Kiddie SM120X relay to tie into my hardwired dual smoke detectors. Members have mentioned wiring the relay into a simple zwave door switch. What switch is recommended?

If I wire the relay into the existing smoke alarm system what wires specifically are connected to the door switch and where?

My end goal is simply to get an alert on my phone if the smoke alarms go off. If FrontPoint can monitor the smoke alarms with this method, that’s great, but not a deal breaker.

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That is entirely untrue, CO does not sink or rise and typically mixes evenly into the air through thermal convection. It’s known well to distribute fairly evenly.

Hi Josh did you ever find a hard wired z wave smoke / co2 detector. Just bought a new house and have the same problem. The only solution I see is the Zwave

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I would like to get the same. I cannot find a Zwave, interconnected, smoke/CO2 combo that is hardwired (with battery backup).

Has anyone found one that can work with SmartThings?


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Does it have to be zwave? If not, take a look at Halo, which are zigbee. I went with Halo detectors everywhere I could. They’re great, hardwired, and have a built in 10 year rechargeable battery. Can be a bit pricey though.

Thank you for the quick reply. I am open to Zigbee. I did see the Halo systems, and they are a bit pricey, but seem to be worth it. Appreciate the guidance.

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Almost the end of 2019 and still no hardwired zwave smoke detector?


2020 and still no hardwired zwave smoke detector?

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