Wired Alarm. Are there smart WIRED sensors available? Or just Konnected?

Can you pay the cellular account and then have it monitored?

In my case I already have full control over my system. The people we bought the house from 2 years back were paying an OUTRAGEOUS amount for monthly monitoring (like $100 or so). Some contract they had been on. When they moved the company sent us a postal mail offering us a “deal”. Hahaha. First thing I did was to buy and EnvisaLink card and hook that to the panel. Thankfully reddit had a pro installer willing to talk by phone to talk me through taking over the system (default passwords worked). So now I at least have my own monitoring, but it’s less than optimal. Definitely not a smart home-type setup. When Konnected arrives (hopefully in March), the smart aspects should make for some amazing improvements. The only thing I’d like to cover is periods when we’re away on vacation. Sometimes we just aren’t anywhere near our phones then and sending us that alert would do very little. We can have it call family, but they’re often with us.

Monitoring companies usually use a proprietary cellular card they would install on your panel to communicate with them so if it is professionally monitored it would be useless to have your own GSM hardware and account, plus they would not allow it.

I’m not sure if it’s compatible, but have you looked into Freedompop for the SIM/coverage? They have a free 200MB/mo plan.

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Not an issue for me. I dumped the phone connection entirely and replaced it with an EnvisaLink module so I’m already on my way towards Konnected as a solution.

Konnected requires your internet connection. What will you do if your internet goes down?

I’m not bashing Konnected, I’ve got a couple boards setup myself, but I also have a usb modem with a Freedompop sim that I’m working on setting up as a failover for my Smartthings hub only.


I have a FreedomPop hotspot. When you have yours set up as a failover for your hub can you let us know how you did it?

I bought an envisalink 4 and I bought a replacement vista 20p alarm panel (old one was installer locked out with *98 and they refuse to reset the code for me). I’m going the self-monitored route myself with scout alarm monitoring at some point. It would be good to have a backup in case my internet goes down so I can still monitor it or have it monitored. I got tired of paying $47/mo for monitoring.