Lutron Caseta 50 Device Solution

So while this is not a direct SmartThings question I have been hanging out here and learning a lot so I wanted to ask. So, I am enjoying my Smartthings box and I use it amongst other devices with my Lutron Caseta switches which have reached the 50 limit. I want to use a few more switches and picos as they are very useful. Since SmartThings does not directly work with two Lutron hubs I was thinking of getting a Wink 2 and then directly using some of the simple motion activated lights/switches on that to free up space for the more involved and used automatons I have on SmartThings. For instance a hallway that is 100% motion controlled could just be set and forgotten on the wink as there is no real need to ever have to login, once setup and working well.

Can anyone see a problem with this? My understanding is that with Wink I do not need the Lutron Hub. Would this cause any problems in the future when adding devices to SmartThings? Any advice from the pros here would be welcome.

Take a look at this post. There are quite a few people discussing this same problem…and the smartApp there might be of interest for you as well. Post your question in there and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of suggestions.

Thanks Stephan, I did review that thread however some of that stuff is a little over my head. I am not sure I want to spend that kind of time to figure all that out. I am enjoying leaning about all of this though.

If you want to keep the Wink network totally separate from the SmartThings network, so the wink has its own devices run by its own rules engine, then there’s typically no problem at all. Quite a few of us have both a Wink network and a smartthings network. :sunglasses: Just keep the hubs at least 3 m apart so they don’t interfere with each other. (Mine are in two different rooms, which is easy because the Wink can use Wi-Fi, it doesn’t have to be plugged into the router.)

If you’re asking if you can share zwave devices between the two controllers, it’s not impossible, but it’s not easy and it’s not recommended.

Also Lutron switches cannot be connected to both the smartbridge and the wink at the same time, you have to pick one or the other.

Thanks JD, this is what I was looking for.

As a new user with limited hobby time I just need to get some stuff working. I need to get some of the non mission critical Lutron devices off Smartthings so I can add more! I love the Pico concept and the wife wants a few 3-pico pedestals to put in some roomsl. I got a few things working in Webcore and that is very cool. I am surprised that no one has created a SmartThings button controller as good as the Pico that fits a standard switch. I see that some are in the works.

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Never be surprised that no one else has created something like a Lutron device—Lutron is an engineering company with a ton of patents. They do a lot of things that nobody else is able to do just because of the amount of time and resources they devote to original research. :wink:

Good point.

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Hey JD do you happen to know if devices linked with a Wink 2 AND other devices linked with SmartThings can individually be controlled by Alexa? I tried searching but the right topic is not coming up. I get that Wink and Smart do not work together without using Ifttt or some other method but just want to know if I can voice control whatever devices (Caseta) that are installed on one or the other.


If I understand your question, you can put devices from multiple controllers into the same echo smart home group and then control the group with a single voice command. For example, I have one Echo group that has some wink controlled devices, some smartthings controlled devices, some Phillips hue bridge (not connected to smartthings or wink) controlled devices and some WeMo devices (not connected to the other controllers), And I can just turn the group on or off and all the individual devices go on or off through their individual controllers. Was that what you were asking?

If you were just asking about an individual device, sure, if you have a Lutron switch on wink you can voice control it through the wink/echo integration. If you have a lutron switch on The Lutron smart bridge, you could voice control it through the Lutron/echo integration. :sunglasses:

Thanks so much! Since I am so new I just don’t want to cause myself issues trying to do something that will result in hours of work to fix. Ok, maybe not hours but I have jumped in full force with a ton or devices and hate to break things. So, great to know this will work ok.

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I have about 75 lutron caseta devices on my 2 wink 2 hubs. They work together very well. I just bought a smartthings hub and the only thing that makes me hesitate is the fact that 2 hubs can work together with Wink and I can have unlimited Caseta devices that way. I can’t find a way to do that with smartthings. If I could I would 100% merge over. Wink said that I could do that because all the controls go to the internet and then to the appropriate hub. Is there no solution that would work in a similar fashion over here on smartthings? I am wanting to get all of my stuff over on smartthings because I am frustrated with Wink on a lot of other things.

I just got an email from Lutron saying that as of July 8, 2019, the 50 device limit is being raised to 75.
Here is a link to the online version of the email I received. Link to email

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