Windows Anniversary update


Any chance of a new App now that Windows Anniversary update has come out and UWP apps are now a thing? Especially when we’re soooooo behind the other platforms.


Also, you could send your Apple iOS code through Project Islandwood to have it converted to Windows…less work for the Devs!

(Doug ) #3

I would also like a update on when Windows is getting a updated app. I asked a long time ago and was told it was coming. Any idea’s?


I second this… cmon guys… Give your windows dev some attention and get a UWP rich app out there…so we can use it on any device… pc, tablet, phone… etc… Windows is really lagging behind

(Matthew) #5

A UWP app would be awesome and the best thing going forward. Very surprised there is not one already. Instant gratification for millions and millions who already use Windows 10 on desktops and tablets, not to mention those who use Windows 10 mobile.

(Michael) #6

A UWP App would be very welcome. Cortana integration would be nice too.

(Daniel Pena) #7

I’d like to add Xbox One UWP app

(Michael) #8

That’s the beauty of UWP, write once and publish to phone, PC, Xbox, HoloLens all at the same time. Let’s also not forget that Cortana is available on iPhone and Android too. I hope there’s something in the works for the 50 million Window 10 devices out there. Everyone in my home (4 of us) have PC’s, my wife and I have a portables and a Windows phone, plus two more attached to TV’s. That’s ten Windows 10 devices plus two iPhones that I could be using with Cortana voice commands.


So we’re getting 1.6.2 but that looks to only be the update for authentication and not any new features or fixes to put us on par with the other operating systems…

FYI…another Home automation app beat ST to the punch on Xbox One.


Yes! A UWP App would be amazing. I have a touchscreen kitchen pc, surface, dell tablets, Xbox One and Windows 10 phone that would all benefit.


Why are there job listings for Android and Apple iOS and none for the Windows platform? Cleary ST needs Windows Devs more than the other two since we’re almost a full major release behind!