Windows 1.0.5 - Release Notes - 02/18/2015

(Liz Tupper) #1

SmartThings version 1.0.5 includes several bug fixes, user interface improvements and overall performance improvements for an improved user experience and increased stability. Below is a more comprehensive list of the changes.

New Features
Hub Detail screen
Z-Wave Utilities Screen
Invitee Getting Started Experience (GSE)
Password Recovery
Dashboard & Things View tooltips For Hub Offline
Account Sharing

Added Temp & Mode Creation/Deletion to Location Edit
Added Manage Users functionality and Change Password My Account Screen
Added date separators to Recently cards on Dashboard modules
Increased tap target of Hello, Home icon and gear in dashboard modules
Added pressed state for dashboard gear and Hello, Home icon
Added manual selection of location when location services are disabled.
Updated icon picker to quick-jump between categories
Moved Hello Home icon on Things into command bar

Fixed: Scrolling on Support > Webviews
Fixed: Not yet configured items do not display device icon in SmartSetup
Fixed: Text is not vertically centered throughout app
Fixed: Modules > Right Now: Right now line item turns black during status change
Fixed: Mobile Presence: Device image not populated with User’s initials
Fixed: Background behind label
Fixed: Things > Sonos > Detail: Volume slider is not functional
Fixed: Blank things view for users with custom device types
Fixed: Things: Occasional Crash when open things menu after pairing device
Fixed: No location services > GSE > Set Up Location: 100% Crash when navigating back to location services
Fixed: SmartSetup > Mobile Presence: Product image displays incorrect size.
Fixed: Lights & Switches: Shortcut summary not updating after clicking shortcut
Fixed: Things > Reorder: Tiles can be clicked while being reordering
Fixed: Things: You can click “Add to group” while "reordering"
Fixed: Things > Ungroup Device(s): Ungroup grid continues to display after confirming
Fixed: Hub Offline > Location Settings: Frequent crash
Fixed: No location services > GSE > Set Up Location: Data is lost when navigating back to location services
Fixed: Things > Detail > Customize Icon: 100% crash
Fixed: Pages > Alignment and padding of app elements
Fixed: No location services > GSE > Set Up Location: The form is completely empty if location services are not enabled
Fixed: Device Preferences Data is Corrupted
Fixed: Gentle Wake up smartApp: Installation issues/blank view/unexpected error when completing
Fixed: Large test on Things view
Fixed: Issue trying to change the icons for light switches
Fixed: Sonos Mood Music SmartApp: app doesn’t populate any triggers to choose from
Fixed: Crash when executing device tile action
Fixed: Occasionally > Landing: Crash loop on boot
Fixed: Custom SmartApp displaying "system.String"
Fixed: HockeyApp: Crash in MetroLog on startup
Fixed: HockeyApp: Crash in ClearGeofences

(Eduardo Veras) #2

What about a windows desktop app? :smile: since with windows 10 , windows app will be “universal” and could be used in phones and desktops, i belive this could be done with just a simple adjustments of the UI :wink: but i dont know much about windows development so…


Thank you for this. The update showed me you were serious about windows phone so I bought a hub that day instead of going with Insteon. I also second the motion of moving to a universal app if you can. :smile:

(Liz Tupper) #4

@Eduardo_Veras @kenac Thanks for your continued support! A universal version of the app is on our product roadmap and we have plans to launch at a future date.


Awesome thanks! Not to be greedy but Cortana support would be awesome too. :slight_smile:

(Liz Tupper) #6

@kenac we are planning for that as well. Stay tuned :smile:

Windows 10 & Cortana for 2015?
(Douglas) #7

Now this is amazing news. The fact that Cortana will work on both PCs and phones with Windows 10…and thus connect to SmartThings in the future…oh, be still my beating heart!

(April Wong) #11