Window AC Control - Accurate Temp Sensors

I have my ST hub set up to all of my lights, sonos, and other devices, but the one thing I can’t seem to find is a good solution for is my Window AC units.

I tried the ZXT-120 - it did not work at all. So to simplify things, I purchased 3 Z-Wave appliance modules for my 3 Window AC units and installed the Virtual Thermostat app for each one. The app works, but every temp sensor I have tried so far is inaccurate. I tried the ST motion and it was completely inaccurate. The open/closed isn’t too bad, but it still has a 3 to 5 degree offset. I checked reviews online and they are pretty mixed across the board. I really wish they just had a “dummy” thermostat for Window AC units.

Here’s my question / idea - Even though I don’t have a central AC system, is there a way for me to install an ECOBEE (ecobee3) w/ the remote sensors just to use as a “super smart sensor”? The remote sesnors would provide and average temp in my apartment and the app would pick that temp up vs using a z-wave sensor. Also, it would be nice to view the “current” room temp on the wall / ecobee unit. Has anyone out there tried this?

Also, taking it to the next level, as a bonus it would be nice to be able to set my “target” temp on the wall thermostat. For example, if I want the AC to kick in at 75 - set my ecobee to “cool / 75” and have the smartapp pick that up in ST hub.

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Hello @EricJ89, I don’t think that the following smartapp meets all your requirements, but it does provide a lot of features that you’re looking for (ex. average temp calculation) plus it can also control smart vents for a heating/cooling zoned solution (you won’t need that feature in your case).

The smartapp can create different virtual zones that you can control via your own defined schedules during the day. It basically allows to control your temperature room by room inside a zone.

See this thread:

Also, I’ve been working on exposing the ecobee3’s remote sensors as individual ST sensors for a while, see this other thread: