Windfree AC + Keep Me Cozy

I recently had a Samsung Windfree Mini-Split installed. I have a flat roof and an older home, so during the daytime hours, the ceiling temperature near where the unit is mounted is often quite significantly hotter than the temps felt in my home. The “Keep me cozy” smart-app seems designed to address this problem. You have to select a thermostat to override with an alternate temperature sensor. Much to my surprise, the Windfree is not considered as having thermostat capabilities despite the fact that it obviously must have a thermostat built in to function. It does show up as a temperature sensor, however that’s the exact opposite of what I need.

As a temporary solution, I have set up a routine so that when my furnace thermostat detects a target temp, it turns down/off the AC. This sort of works, but mini-split heat pumps have advanced controllers that adjust performance based on the difference between the current and target temps, so brute forcing it causes the AC to run sub optimally. It also causes SmartThings to believe that my AC is failing to cool my room fast enough which triggers its self diagnosis tool to think that my filter is dirty or something is wrong, when in fact it has cooled the room just fine.

Anyone have a better fix for this?