Control Air Conditioner iFeel like


I have an AC setup in the babys room and even tho it is a small room (12 m2 ), the AC fails to correctly adjust the temperature. For example for heating mode if I set it to 23 it will make 24.3 degrees in the other corner of the room. If I set it to 24 i would expect to have 25, but no, it will raise to 26-26.5. Same issue in cooling mode - setting it on 26 degrees on AC will go down to 24-24.5 in the room. The AC is a Samsung wind free AVANT and it doesnt have a temperature sensor in the remote to control the temperature based on the remote location (ex. for some ac brands the function is called *ifeel).
Can I mimic an ifeel function using a smart temperature sensor ?
What temp sensor would you recommend?