Will this LED controller work with US Osram?


It’s confusing since there two protocols for Zigbee and ZLL is listed but not clear.

Not sure what you mean specifically by “US Osram”?

The SmartThings Hub can connect directly to ZigBee HA and ZigBee Light Link (LL) devices; but I think there is so much wiggle room in the specifications that you might have to build a Device Handler from scratch.

Though there’s a chance that just adding a fingerprint is sufficient and/or another Light Link compatible Hub as intermediary (e.g., Philips Hue Bridge, of course).

I believe osram makes a US version and Euro version with different protocols. Just making sure that my string lights osram will work with this adapter work with it.

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ZigBee HA and ZigBee LL are the same, globally (unlike Z-Wave which uses different frequencies).

Of course, as I mentioned, there’s enough wiggle room in the specs that it’s really hard to know if these will work without a lot of customization. Maybe someone has already tried … just maybe

The OP is referring to the fact that the different regional divisions of Osram manufacture identical looking devices for the different regions but which use different zigbee profiles. That’s a manufacturer decision which has been discussed previously in the forums. Osram smart bulbs in Europe use the ZLL profile; the ones made for sale in the US use the ZHA profile.


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This is a knock off device, which is why it says it is “ZLL compatible” but it is not “ZLL certified” And does not display the zigbee logo.

Note that this device is intended to be used with a ZLL hub (So not smartthings) and a dumb light strip. Not a smart light strip.

It’s confusing because they copied the instructions for Hue, so it makes it sound like you are supposed to plug hue light strips into this controller, but that’s not what they mean. This device itself will appear as a light strip in the hue app, but you would be using a dumb light strip with it.

If you are asking if it will work with a dumb light strip with the US version of the Osram gateway, I have no idea – – you should ask that question on an Osram forum.

But it’s not intended to control a smart light strip, regardless of region of manufacture.

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That’s all I am to you JD is an OP… After all the information we shared lol


No I was asking if it will work with my existing Osram light strips.

What’s the model number for the light strips?

Osram/Sylvania makes both Smart LED strips and dumb LED strips.

Smart light strips? Then no.

Dumb light strips? Probably, what’s the model number?

They are the smart lights

Then no. The controller is not for use with smart lights. It’s for use with dumb lights to make them smart.

It’s a shame that osram is so far behind Hue. I regret getting the strips from them. Hue while more expensive has more third party capabilities.

@BBoy486 I like what you did with the lights can you tell what and how you did the setup? Thanks

It’s in the YouTube link. AliExpress sells the parts

@BBoy486 I found it after I send that message. Thanks great job on putting that together.

That wasn’t me. I just sourced it here.