Will Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerators Get An Update to Bixby 2.0 When It's Ready?

I’m wondering if Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerators, specifically the less-expensive RF265BEAESR, will get an update to Bixby 2.0 when it’s ready to go into refrigerators?

I don’t want to buy the current model if it’s going to be stuck with the current version of Bixby indefinitely.

Apologies if this post doesn’t follow any standards and practices around here; it’s my first post. Thanks for any guidance that anyone can provide.

Have you found the answer to your question? i was also interested in purchasing a new refrigerator soon.

Anything I add would be pure speculation. I have seen it go both ways with Samsung rolling out firmware to TVs that are several years old, as well as not updating older appliances (possibly a limitation). You may try asking here as they may know more: https://us.community.samsung.com/