Wifi strip light and GE Z Wave Switch Interference

Hello - I’m hoping someone can offer advice for a problem I’m having. We currently have a GE Z-Wave Light Switch that controls our regular outside lights. We also have LED Strip Lighting for Holidays/Parties that is wifi controlled with a Nexlux Smart Controller. I’ve linked both products below.

The regular lights are on a program in SmartThings to come on at sunset and off at sunrise. Typically this has no issue. However, if the hard switch controlling the outlet that the LED strip lights are plugged into is on, when the regular lights come on or turn off the strip lights come on as well. I’ve uninstalled and removed any and all programming in SmartThings (MagicHome is the app that runs the LED strips) and the only way I can stop this from happening is if the outlet switch is turned off entirely.

Does anyone know why the Zwave switch would trigger the LED strip? I’m at a loss unless I delete the regular light programming when I want to run the strip lighting.

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