Wifi Presence in 2022? What works well with ST now?

Hi all,

I was wondering if I could get some suggestions for Wifi Presence that still works well. While I do see various solutions from the past, with ST’s changing things, I wanted to see what will work now and into the future. I’m looking for an integration that detects specific IP addresses for this to work, regardless of which router. Thanks

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iOS or Android or both?

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iOS devices.

You said “regardless of router,“ but I think the most reliable are the ones that are built into the router itself and then you just turn on a virtual switch to represent presence. If you want to try to get it just from Wi-Fi Geo location you may have a number of false alerts.

In addition, remember that if you are depending on Wi-Fi, then as soon as that device disconnects from the network for any reason its presence will be marked as away. That’s most commonly an issue for mobile phones, particularly if there’s someone who let theirs run until it’s dead and then recharges it overnight. but even just rebooting a mobile device will cause it to be marked as away and then present again. That may not be an issue for you, but it’s just something to be aware of.

I’ve seen the integration work with other home automation systems that can even know status when the phone “sleeps.” I’m sure there’s something out there that works.

Sleeping is different than being turned off all together. You do you see this in a household with teenagers where they let their phone run completely out of juice before putting it on the charger. In that case, that person would be marked as away even though they are actually still home.

Not worried about it being off. It doesn’t happen.

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