Join or drop WiFi to activate ST to turn on or off lights?

Does anyone know how I can have my ST hub be set up to know if I log into my WiFi when I come home to turn on turn on my lights? The presences feature isn’t working for me. Note: I’m not a software engineer so I can’t code.

It can be done, but how much technical expertise you need to have depends very much on the brand and model number of the router that you are using. For example, there are a couple of routers which have their own IFTTT channel and make this very easy. But with most routers it’s pretty tricky.

Take a look at the community FAQ on different methods for presence and there are several threads linked to from there that discuss various Wi-Fi-based methods.

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if you haven’t already, I would suggest you start here:
FAQ: The Many Ways of Detecting Presence

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what wifi router and which SmartThings hub do you have?

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Hi Jimmy,

I have the following:
ST Hub: IM6001-V3P01
Router:Verizon Fios-G1100

I hope this helps and thank you for the help!

You could take a look at Fingbox. I’m not fully on board with its main function as a network security device but they’ve recently added an IFTTT integration. Fingbox recognises users by the devices that are assigned, devices are recognised when they join/leave the network. The IFTTT integration can be used to flick a virtual or actual switch in ST.
For example I use it to switch the heating up a few degrees when someone is at home and switch it down to eco when no-one’s home.


Fingbox sounds like a viable option. That could work. Thanks!!

I do exactly this for people in my family and friends that do not use the ST app. Works like a charm. No bad IFTTT lag either.

I also find the Fingbox itself to be a great network monitoring tool. Love it.