WIFI Generic devices

Dear All,
I have a wifi controlled relay. I bought it on a trip to china. It is a simple wifi enabled relay that came with its own app…I want to use smarthings to control it. Is it possible? Is it possible to control such wifi devices? I also have zigbee switches and would love to have all my devices in one app.

Yes there are two ways to do this. Note: Still new here, so people of the community please check me on this (SMILE)

Both ways require programming knowledge with ST Groovy language and a copious time of reading over other examples.
Both ways require that you have sufficient documentation to be able to determine how to program for your device

One would be to develop a device-handler for this switch in ST (which would allow you to turn on and off the switch)
Another if the switch supports HTTP calls, then you can still use ST with a virtual switch to turn the device on and off.

Question here, how many of these do you have? And what are you using it for? Lastly? Is it worth your time and effort to have to build a ST app to support this switch vs. grabbing a supported device?

Thank you for your response. I will in a country that is 220v…so have to rely on devices other than what is available in the US market. Also, each device that I have has an on/off and the relay can handle up to 2200 watts @ 220 volts. The cost is around $15…so you can imagine the interest to have these supported. The app that it came with is good but smartthings can give a good integrated app as have some zigbee centralite jetstream switches.

Do you have the owners manual for the switches or a web site for them?

Here is the website…and the link to the product

Ok, looking over the information on their site, it appears that they do not have any information on programming for them. I have sent an email to them, with the hopes of getting a response.

@araza I will let you know once I receive a response. If you wish, send them an email as well, and ask for programming documentation.

From what I can see from their site, these devices require communication over UDP/TCP (something we don’t yet have in SmartThings).

Thank you for investigating. Ah… Will you be considering doing this in the future?

Is it possible to use arduino…I am totally new to this stuff…have always used ELK for automation. Somehow get these devices on to the same app.

Yes, you could use it as a controller for the switches. But you still need the all the programming information for sending the responses to the switch. It may be available on the site but I have not seen where that is located.