ChiHope WIFI Mini Outlet

So, I’m tentatively planning to pair these to their own app and then using an IFTTT pairing to trigger on and off.

However, I’m wondering if I attempt a paring that I might be able to find a device ID in a catchall and pair with a generic outlet capability?



That’s only likely for ZigBee (and Z-Wave?) Devices, not WiFi.

WiFi discovering in SmartThings uses entirely different procedures and protocols.

Just wondering why y’all are not choosing ZigBee or Z-Wave outlets instead of WiFi. You’ll extend your mesh, and very likely be SmartThings compatible.

Cheapness mostly. I’m doing it on a budget (wife isn’t nearly as gungho as I am). I can get an outlet for $14.99 versus $20+. At some point, I imagine I’ll transition over to mostly Zigbee/Z-Wave Outlets.

I figured that was the answer, but I wasn’t sure being new at the ballgame.

Thanks for the input!

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