Smartapp for Wifi devices

I just started using the Smartthings hub about a few weeks ago. Installing a smartapp for a Zigbee outlet was straightforward. I have 3 Belkin Wemo switches that my SmartThings hub detected. With the SmartThings app I can turn the lights that use the Wemo switches on/off. I’d also like to install a smartapp for these wifi switches but it does not seem to be as easy as with a z-wave and zigbee device. I’ve been thru the SmartThings App and also the online IDE but alas have not found out how to install smartapps for Wifi devices. Could someone please provide some guidance?

I’m confused. You first state that you can control them with ST app. Then you say you are loking for an app to control them.
So I am not sure exactly what you are asking or looking for.

My understanding is that he is looking for a “SmartApp” within the ST app in order to automate the WeMo switch.

Well if he has the Wemo app and the Wemo device type installed so that he can control it through Smartlights , as stated. Than they should be able to be controlled just like any other light.

It is all working now, just needed to learn the system better. Thanks