WiFi connection as trigger using Bixby

As usual there are a few caveats to this particular wifi trigger
Bixby on your device with Bixby routines
Samsung phone
No idea if bixby and routines are available on all devices

Open bixby routines

  • top right to create new routine
    Now in the if part hit the big +
    Select your condition from the list
    Wi-fi network
    Select your network
    Select next
    Hit the + button
    Scroll down to device or scene
    Select your item

It is a shame the option for wifi detection is not native to ST but there are many many things missing, not working, not included in ST nowadays, this is just an option for those that may need reliable home detection, that have Bixby routines and there wifi extends to a useable area… a few caveats like I said

I guess if you have more than 1 wifi ssid, just create another routine selecting a different wifi ssid

Location , time and wifi strength are also options although I would be careful with location, location as we all know is dodgy at best from a mobile

Hope it helps some

Nice find! :sunglasses:

Bixby is only available on Samsung phones, but it will still be useful for many people.

I have tried this, with bixby set to run a scene (from the smartthings app) to run when the phone connects to my home wifi network. The error message I get is “Scene not run. This routine couldn’t run a scene only because smarrthings wasn’t set up when the routine ran”

I have no idea what would cause that error message…

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