Now got some smart bulbs working, what do I do!?!



After (eventually) getting some lighting working on my ST in UK, EasyBulb - too hard to integrate, Aeotec Micro Smart Switch DSC18103-ZWEU - couldn’t get wired in, got some Lightify white bulbs that after looking in forums, although not certified yet, worked.

So the 3 I’ve got so far are in the hall, all working off 1 switch. Now I need to know what to do with them, and keep the wife off the switch so they stay “smart”!

Is it a waste to have 3 in a bank like this? I have a ST motion that could be paired/control with it. I definitely want it for security, so I was going to integrate it with SHM if armed and triggered then they come on, if I’m away somehow switch them on/off to simulate I’m home etc.

Any ideas please, with smartapps, veggie I buy more please.


Here is a very simple thing to do, depending of course on your layout.

Place a contact switch on your front door amd add to your hub. In the Smart Lighting app, set it up to turn on the hall lights when the door opens. You can restrict it to certain times and also to turn off after a few minutes.

This stuff is addictive. Spend a few hours on the forum and you will find many ideas.



That’s what I’m looking for, but for it to be fully wife friendly, and to keep her turning off the wall switch which then makes the “smart” bulb very dumb, I need others. So this is good when she arrives but what about one in the house? Just add to the above “or motion, between these times”

What I think she’ll do is see them still on after a few mins and switch them off, yes even if I say they’ll switch off themselves!!

(Bob) #4

If you want to simulate lights turning on/off while you are away, use Vacation Lighting Director.
I have it so so that when my presence changes to away, using my wife and my mobile phones, my downstairs and upstairs light turn off and on randomly between sunset and midnight. Works great.
I also use motion sensors to turn on/off my hall lights when motion is detected.
As said above, search the forum and you will find lots of suggestions.

(Doug) #5

I’ve run into this same issue. Smart bulbs connected to a switch don’t really make much sense. You’re better off buying 1 smart wall switch and 3 standard LED bulbs. Then the “smarts” never get switched off. I have a few smart bulbs that I don’t know what to do with for this very reason.


That’s exactly what I want, cheaper, more efficient and proper wife friendly! It’s cost £60 for this one section off lights. However, in UK, I can’t find one-off and the above relay I’ve got, I can’t access the wiring easily as it needs a neutral.

I cannot believe, again in UK not sure in USA, that ST don’t have a switch that can be interfaced easy. I used to have LightwaveRF, and this had great wall switches and even battery operated wall switches that you could mount.

(Doug) #7

Yeah, you’re in a bind. I’d be tempted to remove the wall switch all together and wire it hot to the bulbs.

(James) #8

You might like to search for LightwaveRF. Someone has written a nice app for using these.


Looks like now need to run a pi server and stuff, something I don’t really want to do.