Why isn’t this always triggering. Armed and away

I can’t figure out why this isn’t always triggering. I never had this issue with the classic app and now it’s just issue after issue. Thing is, I have a notification set up to push a notification when we both leave and that notification worked but somehow this automation didn’t.

Out of ideas. :(.

I don’t think the hub can be in modes home and night at the same time. You rule says all conditions must be met and the location states home and night.

I have a few that allow this. I believe it’s an OR statement for the locations. For example I have one that sets STHM to Armed (away) when location mode is Away or Vacation. Both result in the proper change independently.

Not sure OP, that should work IF everyone is leaving and the location mode is one of the selected modes. Make sure and check your status’ and history to see what might be holding it up.

For your first “IF” condition (the Mode), do you have that flagged as a “precondition”?

(There’s a separate toggle to make mode a pre condition when you click into that Mode condition.)

I’ve found that whenever the resulting action includes a Scene change, I need to have mode flagged as a pre-condition … not just a regular old condition.

I’ve also found that I can’t get automations to work at all when there’s an “IF” condition for a mode and a subsequent “THEN” action triggers any kind of mode change.

Thanks all. Yes I believe you can have more than one mode selected. My ‘I’m back’ automation works.

What would you folks suggest? The pre condition option? It’s weird though that this works as expected and can’t see anything different.

Thanks man. But see my ‘I’m back’ condition.
I don’t have a pre condition on that.

Just FYI, I was reading the precondition isn’t working with OR’s as the IF statement. Yours looks to be AND but just verifying.

What a cluster!!!